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5 Netflix keyboard shortcuts that put you in charge


Netflix on a MacBook
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When you’re binge-watching a show like Walking Dead or Person of Interest on Netflix, you may at times need to get up for a snack or bathroom break (or both).

Fumbling around for the mouse to bring up the playback overlay is fine, but using the keyboard to pause your streaming media is much faster. Here are five hidden keyboard shortcuts that will put you in charge of your Netflix experience.

Whether you’re watching Netflix on your Mac via Safari or Chrome, these five keyboard shortcuts should all work the same.

If you want to pause your show, hit the Spacebar or the Enter/Return key to get it to stop. Hit either one again to start your media playing again. It’s like the pause/play button on your remote.

If you want to go full screen to maximize your Mac’s viewing area, simply hit the F key on your keyboard. To get back to windowed mode, hit F again, or hit the Esc key.

To rewind 10 seconds at a time, hold the Shift key down on your keyboard while pressing the Left Arrow key. To forward the same amount of time, hold the Shift key down and hit the Right Arrow. Keep holding the Shift key down and repeat the press to move forward or back another 10 seconds.

The Up Arrow will increase the Netflix volume, while the Down Arrow will decrease it. It won’t affect your Mac’s system volume — only the volume of the video you’re watching.

Want to mute things real quick to take a call or ask Siri what time it is? Hit the M key to mute the video playing in your web browser.

Now you can master Netflix just a bit more using these hidden keyboard shortcuts.

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