Woz will pop the cork on some bubbly with you if price is right


The dinner conversation could be interesting.
The dinner conversation could be interesting.
Photo: Cult of Mac file

We have a ready shortlist when asked which famous person with whom we most want as a dinner date.

So if Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is on that list, he will happily dine with you and three friends and even throw in a bottle of champaign tied to Apple’s history – that is, if you are the winning bidder.

A dinner date with Woz is currently on eBay with a starting bid of $5,000 with proceeds going to East Bay Live Music, a startup music media platform aiming to help musicians in the Oakland area with affordable promotion.

The eBay auction is organized by Matt Spergel, a friend of Wozniak’s who is trying to raise money to launch East Bay Live Music.

An unopened bottle of champaign from Apple's IPO in 1980.
An unopened bottle of champaign from Apple’s IPO in 1980.
Photo: Matt Spergel/eBay

“Steve’s love of music goes back to his youth,” Spergel said in a written statement. “It was Woz who turned Steve Jobs on to Bob Dylan. But Woz did much more than that. He dreamed up the US Festivals, was instrumental in creating Shoreline Amphitheater with Bill Graham, and has always greatly enjoyed spending time with his musician friends.

“And Steve is helping again by lending his support to a new live music marketing concept which will make it easier for artists to make a living doing what they love.”

Wozniak is no stranger to dining with strangers for charity. He recently agreed to a couple of lunches to raise money for an Alzheimer’s charity, Spergel said. Both went for more than $100,000.

So dinner might be expensive but at least you will get to ask those burning questions about the Apple II. The private dinner will be held somewhere in Silicon Valley.

Along with dinner, the winner gets an unopened bottle of champaign from Apple’s IPO party in 1980.

  • David

    Mmmthe delicious wine grapes from Champaign, Illinois :P

    • macguy59

      Of course it is. We have nothing but the finest swill in Champaign at Murphy’s bar ;)

    • Matt Spergel

      That’s funny. I’m actually the one whose project Woz is helping with (he’s a very old friend), but a woman I’m dating is from Champaign, Illinois. Love the Black Dog in Urbana.

  • Professorbx

    “AAAAAAHHHHHHH, the Frrrreeennch…..There is this California Champagne from Paul Masson, inspired by that same French….mumbling…..its fermented in the bottle and vintage dated….and inspired…..mumble….”

  • ShitIconSays

    The spelling of champagne is on the bottle and you still misspell it…

    • DCJ001

      “even throw in a bottle of champaign”

      Champaign – open level countryside.