Microsoft takes aim at Macs in latest Windows 10 ads


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.00.01
As this, err, slow-moving creepy crawly shows.
Photo: Microsoft

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft may not be as fierce as it once was, but that’s not stopped the long-time Apple frenemy from firing shots in Cupertino’s direction in its latest series of ads for Windows 10.

Presented by two insect educators called “The Bug Chicks” (because, obviously, Windows and bugs go together perfectly!), the ads look at various features that Apple computers just don’t offer yet. You know, like that whole “blue screen of death” lark.

In the first ad, one of the women unlocks her Windows PC by taking a quick selfie. “Even the new Macs they don’t have that,” one of the ladies says to the other.

A second ad, focused on Microsoft’s Siri rival Cortana, shows off the presence of the virtual assistant on Windows 10 laptops, as well as its voice-activated photo search feature. While this is currently still an advantage for Windows laptops, Siri’s arrival on Mac has been heavily-touted as the big new feature for this year’s OS X update.

Finally, the third ad takes a look at the touchscreen seen on many Windows 10 laptops. Again, the idea is that this is a feature that Apple does not cater to — and based on past comments, I suspect is unlikely to any time soon.

This is hardly the first time that Microsoft has poked fun at Apple in its ads, and let’s not forget that Apple pretty much turned Microsoft dissing into an art form with its long-running “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” campaign. Still, am I the only one who thinks it’s kind of tacky these days?

I guess falling market share will do that to you!

  • Matthew Gill


    Let’s give an example here. Let’s say I have a Windows 10 PC with this feature enabled. A person who desperately wants to get into my PC but does not know my password can simply shove me in front of my computer so the camera gets a good shot of me, and boom, he’s in after shoving me out of the way and running off with the computer.


    I think password based logins are still the best, simplest and most secure way to log into your computer.

    • Richard Ludwig

      Not only a gimmick, but it doesn’t work well with my Surface Pro 3. It takes almost 8 seconds to get in with the ‘selfie’ login. Much faster to just type in the password. If the feature worked well, it might be okay – especially for someone for whom it’s difficult to log-in with traditional keyboard entry.

      Keep working on it MS!

    • Jay EmmCee

      Yeah, that’s assuming the facial recognition feature works reliably in the first place. Another gimmick like the little fingerprint scanners that never worked right you’ll see on older PC laptops from time to time.

    • jonen

      if that happened you would at least be alerted immediately

  • NitzMan

    Sounds like MS clutching at straws again. Honestly, where’s the increased productivity they’re talking about? They’ve saved you from typing in a password – considering the number of times you have to reboot Windows, I guess it’s a time saver. Having Siri on the Mac would be awesome, so for now I’d call advantage Cortana. As for touch screen, Apple has taken a clear stance on separating its touch enabled OS from its desktop OS and I’m glad.

  • Richard Ludwig

    Personal opinion – ads like these have ALWAYS been tacky, even the Get a Mac ads.

  • 2oh1

    Thanks for the reminder that Windows has bugs, as if I could ever forget. I can’t wait for Chipotle to run an ad starring bacteria.

  • Jay EmmCee

    So this is supposed to make me sell my MBP and buy a Windows PC? Not a snowball’s chance in hell, MS.

  • Jay EmmCee

    I commend MS for at least using truth in advertisement. Who could possibly be more qualified to recommend MS Windows better than the bug chicks?

  • Jay EmmCee

    LOL – “yeah, I I don’t have a touch screen on my Mac” You won’t have arthritis in your elbow or shoulder either.

    • Carlos

      it’s good for some users. But you are right, this computers with touch screen in the end will hurt you back. The same for the iPad Pro, you will end with health issues too with touching the screen all the time when it has the keyboard attached.

  • bIg hIlL

    Windows 10 certainly beats Mac OS hands down in phoning home, doing so 1000’s of times a day. I hope that is NOT something Apple intends to implement.

  • Ian Waring

    Marketing 101 is to market based on your strengths in addressing your customers needs; their chief competitor is likely to be previous releases of their own core product. I’d question whether aiming money at the 10% of the target base least likely to convert is likely to be either a cost effective or a sensible strategy.

  • Barry Marshall

    Can’t see why Microsoft is doing this or it’s because they are running scared, since they know Windows 10 is a piece of shit. I believe it’s both reasons.

    • quazecoatl

      Why’s Windows 10 such piece of shit? It actually runs very fast.

      • Richard Ludwig

        I think it’s an excellent desktop OS but a terrible Tablet OS.

      • quazecoatl

        That’s because it’s not actually a tablet OS :)

        If you’re running anything than a Windows Store (used to be called “Metro”) app or if you’re trying to use any system app which is not “metro”, you might be in trouble without a mouse.

        Remember Windows RT? Microsoft killed it because very few Metro apps existed at that time, but it made sense. It’s basically what iOS and Android is.

        The management at Microsoft is really shit, Ballmer is out but I bet there are still some people there which did a pretty bad job.

      • Richard Ludwig

        Not a tablet OS? Microsoft disagrees. I actually LOVED Windows 8, I thought it was a huge step in the right direction… For a tablet. I agree laptops and desktops needed Windows 10, but moving to Windows 10 left Tablet users out in the cold.

        Microsoft’s biggest problem is their success – they can’t ever do anything new that takes away the Start menu and Desktop. They are forever locked in to their customer base demanding they don’t do anything new.

      • quazecoatl

        I don’t understand it, why would Windows 10 be bad for tablets but not Windows 8?
        The only difference I see is that Windows 10 doesn’t have the full screen Start menu.
        Everything else is pretty much the same from tablet point of view.

      • Richard Ludwig

        Not really. Windows 8 was built for touch – Windows 10 was built for the mouse. Icons are far too small to touch in 10 – you HAVE to use a stylus. What they should have done is made everything like Windows 8 when you switch to tablet mode.

      • quazecoatl

        Which icons are far too small to touch in Win10 but not on Win8? Can you please give a couple of concrete examples?

      • Richard Ludwig

        For starters…
        – WiFi (as well as anything else in the task bar): there’s a tiny little icon to bring up WiFi Networks vs. in Windows 8 the super convienant (for tablet users) slide from the right (the slide from the right was super convienant for quick access to settings). In Windows 10, then could solve this easily – instead of making the slide-from-right just a turn on/turn off, touching the icon brings up quick settings above (where notifications currently resides) – that goes for EVERYTHING in the Windows 10 slide-from-right menu).
        – Power Button – Again, too small. Windows 8 did it better.
        – Battery Status – not only is the icon too small to touch, it’s not convienant. Yes, I know I could further clutter up the display by setting the task bar icon to display percentage, but I want my Windows experience less complex, not more.
        – Trying to touch anything on the task bar to the right, more often than not, brings up the notifications panel instead of what I’m trying to touch (date/time, sound [sound isn’t so bad because I use the physical buttons])
        – Edge: This one is more about taking away the swipe-to-go-back feature that was present in the Windows 8 version of I.E. I’m used to swiping to go back on my iPad as well as the SP3 with Windows 8.
        – Task Bar: I REALLY freaking HATE the task bar – and ‘hiding’ it doesn’t hide it well, it shows up more often than not. I would much rather swipe-from-left to view/switch applications.

        I could go on, but the point is that Windows 8 was MUCH more touch-friendly. I totally understand why they had to make Windows 10 (to appeal to desktop/laptop users), and, yes, it’s much more touch friendly than Windows 7 on a tablet, but by forcing a desktop experience on me (when I wanted the tablet experience), Microsoft is making the same mistake all over again. MS really needs to realize that, while the operating system can work the same way, the UI needs to be different for different users (and this is on a Surface Pro 3 – I can’t even imagine the pains an 8″ tablet user is going through!!!).

        I don’t want to feel like I’m using a desktop OS on my tablet – and Windows 8 did that SO well.