Apple flips FBI the bird, seeds new betas, and iPod shuffle is reborn


Apple stands firm in the name of privacy.
Apple stands firm in the name of privacy.
Cover Design: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s been getting a lot of flack for its refusal to create a “GovtOS” from the FBI and Department of Justice. Tim Cook and company have also garnered plenty of support for their forceful stance from other tech companies as well as the rank and file Apple consumer.

Check out this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine to figure out why Apple refuses to create GovtOS, how to get its latest and greatest software, find the best iPhone and iPad password managers around, check out a virtual tour of Tim Cook’s office, and see how the beloved iPod shuffle has been reborn for the age of Spotify.

Here are the week’s top stories.

GovtOS-Tim-Cook-780x390Why Apple refuses to create ‘GovtOS’
Here’s how Cupertino will defend its decision to not create a backdoor that could bypass the security measures of millions of iPhones.

DSC07556-2-780x581How to get Apple’s latest software before everyone else
Want to get your hands on the latest, greatest iOS and OS X features for your iPhone, iPad and Mac before anyone else does? Of course you do.

1password-marco-iphone-hero-780x439Ultimate guide to iPhone and iPad password managers
To ensure security, you should always use strong and unique passwords. Luckily, password manager apps aren’t that hard to set up and use.

Mighty-Clipped-and-plugged-in-780x468Beloved iPod shuffle reborn for Spotify era
Say hello to the Mighty streaming music player, a clip-on device that can stream Spotify wherever you go (even without a smartphone).

ABC_Tim_Cook_Apple_Muir-780x502Take a virtual tour of Tim Cook’s office
Now that’s an office. We don’t know if the Apple CEO’s workplace got a good going-over before ABC News stopped by, but we like to think it’s always that tidy.

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