Sacré bleu! Apple Pay is on its way to France in 2016


Apple Pay
Your mother was a hamster, and your father bought elderberries with Apple Pay.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay is likely to launch in France by the end of 2016, according to a new report — claiming that it will be a gradual rollout over the course of several months.

There’s no exact date cited, but it is quite possible that it will take place by September, before Apple ships the iPhone 7.

As in China, where Apple Pay recently made its debut, what is currently said to be holding up the service’s launch is negotiations with banks over the exact percentage cut Apple will take of payments.

In China, Apple agreed to just half the rate it gets in the U.S., although Apple is — understandably — willing to bend its usual rules to break into the Chinese market. Whether it would do the same in France (where Apple has previously butted heads with authorities) isn’t known.

With that said, six months of negotiating time leaves plenty of opportunities for Apple and French banks to come to an understanding.