Learn to make Apple TV apps with new tech talks


Learn the basics of developing for Apple TV here.
Learn the basics of developing for Apple TV here.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV does apps, and you could be the next breakout star of the App Store with these new educational videos straight from the mothership.

Apple’s providing developers with 11 new video tech talks to help you understand how it all works, in hopes that even more developers and designers will choose Apple TV for their next project.

The no-frills page of videos starts with an overview of Apple TV, the tvOS software development kit (SDK) and the key principles you need to know about in order to create the next big Apple TV app.

The following sessions include one on visual design, another on user interfaces (to make sure people understand how to interact with your app), a video on the Siri Remote and game controllers, and called “Best Practices for Designing tvOS Apps,” which seems pretty straightforward.

If you’re an app or game developer who wants to get your best stuff to the big screen via Apple TV, these talks, modeled after the ones at Apple’s yearly World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), should help you get a leg up on the competition. Or, at least, put you on the same footing as the rest of the folks watching these videos.

Head over to Apple’s Apple TV tech talks for the full list of available videos. Streaming is only available via Safari or the WWDC app itself, though, so don’t try to use Chrome or Firefox.