Snapchat debuts new geofilters, but they’ll cost you


Celebrate your birthday on Snapchat with custom, smaller, paid geofilters.
Celebrate your birthday on Snapchat with custom, smaller, paid geofilters.
Photo: Snapchat

Folks looking to promote their next big block-party, wedding or musical shindig can now get in on Snapchat’s action with these new temporary geofilters for the popular photo-sharing service.

Called “On-Demand” geofilters, they’ll allow anyone, including local businesses, to create temporary location-based filters that will show up whenever other Snapchatters walk through the area defined when they’re created.

The bad news? The new feature will cost you $5 per filter to create.

The five bucks that it’ll cost to create your own tiny geofenced filter is another try by Snapchat to monetize it’s hugely popular service.

The new on-demand feature joins the already existing custom geofilter system, which focuses on larger areas and cities.

To create an on-demand geofilter, businesses or party organizers simply create the transparent PNG file with appropriate imagery, upload it to Snapchat and then, after payment, will get an approval within one business day.

The area you can geofence starts at 20,000 feet, which should be enough to cover a smaller city block or a business location. The size can go up to 5 million square feet, which could cover several larger blocks. It can be live for as little as an hour or as long as 30 days.

Local, independent businesses could use this to advertise sales or special events, and even municipalities could use on-demand filters to call attention to local landmarks, voting booths and charity races, for starters.

Via: Engadget

  • jringgold

    $5? I created a filter, uploaded it and geo-fenced my own house. I simply asked for it to work over the weekend, the cost….. $415! Wow, this could be a business tool for special events, but not a fun tool the average user.