Mom who lost son in San Bernardino shooting takes Apple’s side


Apple fans are rallying behind the iPhone maker's fight vs the FBI.
Photo: Simone Lovati/Flickr CC

Carol Adams’ son, Robert Adams, was among the 14 people killed by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife on December 2 in San Bernardino, but she doesn’t think the FBI should force Apple to hack the terrorist’s iPhone.

Adams said she stands by Apple’s decision to fight the FBI’s demands to weaken the iPhone’s security in order to access information on Farook’s locked iPhone, explaining that the constitutional right to privacy “is what makes America great to begin with.”

Speaking to the New York Post, the mother said she understands the FBI’s need to search Farook’s phone, but warns that it should be done without putting other’s privacy at risk.

“This is what separates us from communism, isn’t it? The fact we have the right to privacy,” said Adams. “I think Apple is definitely within their rights to protect the privacy of all Americans. This is what makes America great to begin with, that we abide by a Constitution that gives us the right of privacy, the right to bear arms, and the right to vote.”

Tim Cook reiterated his stance against the FBI’s demands today in an email to employees, explaining that Apple’s battle is about much more than one iPhone or a single investigation. Apple has until February 26th to file its reply to a federal court order to assist the FBI in the unlocking of Farook’s iPhone 5c by creating a backdoor for the device.

Apple has warned the federal government that intentionally weakening its own software would weaken the security of all other iOS devices. The company published a Q&A pageon its website addressing most of the public’s questions.

Instead of creating a backdoor for iOS, Tim Cook wants the federal government to drop their demands and form a congressional panel of experts to lead a public discussion on how to approach the balance of privacy and national security.