Apple fights the FBI, get more HD space, secret iPhone emoticons and more


Apple takes on the FBI.
Apple takes on the FBI.
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Tim Cook sparked an internet controversy when he penned his open letter to Apple customers about why the tech giant was pushing back against a court order to create an FBI-friendly version of its iOS software.

Find out more about Apple’s epic battle over iPhone encryption, along with how to unlock your iPhones secret emoticons, 10 hard drive space-saving tips, the best news and RSS apps for your iOS devices, and a bit about John McAfee’s bid to hack the iPhone for the FBI.

All that and much more in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine. Here are the top stories this week.

unnamedEpic battle over iPhone encryption: Apple vs. the FBI
After a judge ordered Apple to comply with the FBI’s demands to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone 5c, Tim Cook boldly and politely refused.

DSC07447Unlock your iPhone’s secret emoticon powers
There is a hidden treasure trove of text-based emoticons that you can access on your iPhone that will enrich the use of all your favorite emoji.

14902350795_7a4d6c72f5_k-780x521John McAfee offers to hack shooter’s iPhone
Cybersecurity legend John McAfee thinks he should be the one to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s locked iPhone 5c.

tPYQGT1pQf6foxogjmTm_macbook10 tips to free up Mac hard drive space
Is your Mac out of storage space or getting dangerously close? If so, there are lots of things you can do to free up some much-need disk space.

rss-apps-iphone-heroBest news and RSS apps for iPhone and iPad
No matter what service you use to consume news and RSS on the go (or even on the couch), there are tons of apps that support them.

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  • Richard Servello

    Firstly, Mac’s haven’t had hard drives in a LONG time. Secondly, HD stands for high definition. HDD is short for hard disk device.

    • DCJ001

      “Firstly, Mac’s haven’t had hard drives”

      Apostrophe’s should never be used to pluralize noun’s, including acronym’s such as HDD’s or SSD’s.

  • BoltmanLives

    Appl = arms dealer bad path…GO FEDS