iPad shipments could hit new low this quarter


iPad Pro
iPad shipments are continuing to fall.
Photo: Leander Kahney / Cult of Mac

Apple could be in for its worst ever quarter for iPad shipments, with a new report claiming that the first three months of 2016 are set to hit a historic low for Apple’s tablets with just 9.8 million units shipping.

If correct, those numbers would be down 39.1 percent on quarter and close to 20 percent on-year. While Apple has been experiencing falling iPad demand for some time now, this would be especially bad considering that Q1 2016 is also expected to bring the first ever quarter of declining iPhone sales.

Not all the news is bad, of course. Apple is still likely to be the leader for tablet shipments worldwide, with 21 percent of global shipments — followed by Samsung with 14 percent, Lenovo with 7.2 percent, Amazon with 5.8 percent, Asustek with 2.7 percent, Microsoft and TCL with 2.6 percent each, LG with 1.8 percent, and Acer with 1.2 percent.

Although iPad sales look to continue their decline, the brand is still immensely popular. Last year, “iPad” was Twitter’s most popular tech hashtag of the year, while the iPad Pro was also an especially popular holiday bestseller. Apple apparently still hasn’t come up with a way to get people to upgrade their tablets more often, though.

Maybe March’s iPad Air 3 could help turn things around?

Source: Digitimes

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    Well, when everyone knows that Apple’s getting ready to release the iPad Air 3 next month? DUH. I’m sure there is some pent up demand for it. I think Apple would be wise to stagger product introductions, which they now are. It will even out their shipments, but it will just be a different mix of products being sold at any one time as they get refreshed. I think any new product they announce has about a 3 to 4 month duration of great sales before they start to wind down before the next refresh. I personally am waiting for the new iPad Air 3, and still on the fence on what to replace my aging iPad 4, but I might wait until the IPad Pro 2 if my unit holds up since it’s over 3 years old now. Knock on wood.

  • Mark Hornigold

    I’m in the same boat. My iPad 4 is now coming to the end of its life for me personally. I’ll be looking to update it to the Air 3 but if it isn’t really feature packed I’ll pick up an Air 2. Gone are my days of buying things on release date out of pure “I want”.

  • A-thought

    Do you hear that? Neither do I.

    It’s the sound of a million Apple-devotee voices – Surface bashers that ripped me and others apart for daring to post the positives of productivity tablets and drawbacks of iPads – suddenly silenced..