Rule the Health app! Plus: best email apps, Apple’s March event and more


Tweak that Health app dashboard for even better results.
Tweak that Health app dashboard for even better results.
Cover design: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

If you take the time to properly set up your iPhone’s Health app, you can turn it into a powerful dashboard for keeping track of all the metrics that matter most to you.

Find out how to turn the unloved iOS app into an essential fitness dashboard in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine. We’re also spilling the beans on Apple’s March event, rating the best email apps, exposing the latest iPhone 7 camera rumors, and rolling up a bunch of must-have Apple travel accessories.

Here are the top stories this week.

runners-dashboardHow to turn iPhone’s Health app into an essential fitness dashboard
Despite its heart-shaped icon, Health is an unloved app. Get past its garish colors and clunky interface, and you’ll find it’s genuinely useful – if you customize the dashboard.

ipad-proWhat to expect from Apple’s March event
The grand unveiling of Apple’s next products is reportedly just over a month away. Plus: iPhone 7 may lose antenna bands, Apple Watch might get an ‘S’ upgrade and the iPad Air 3 could be slightly thicker.

spark-mail-iphone-keyboard-hero-fixedBest email apps for iPhone
Traditional email isn’t for everyone, and neither is the built-in Mail app for iPhone. If your email needs are minimal, the Mail app works just fine. However, if you live and breathe mail, you’ll want something that helps you triage faster.

LinX_array_cameras004iPhone 7 photos might look crazy-cool
Apple continues its look into dual-lens cameras that will make your photos look even better than they already do.

mac-travel-bag-heroMust-have Apple travel accessories
From making sure you’re never without the right kind of outlet adapters to drowning out plane noise, these are the travel accessories for Mac you just can’t live without.

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