Watching VR games get built in VR will blow your mind


Unreal Engine 4 lets you build in VR.
Unreal Engine 4 lets you build in VR.
Photo: Unreal EngineYouTube

Virtual Reality isn’t just going to change how we consume content. It’s going totally change how we make content for the digital world too.

Developers at Epic Games have already created a way to build VR games using the Unreal Editor in VR mode, and it’s unlike any software development tool you’ve ever seen. Rather than clicking around on a 2D screen, designers Tim Sweeney and Mike Fricker show how game makers can walk around inside levels to manipulate objects and get everything just right.

Take a look:

The coolest part is you can use the VR mode to create VR games or boring old 2D stuff.

Epic Games is currently using a HTC Vive for the VR headset and an Oculus Touch controllers. The company says it plans to reveal more details about editing in VR mode for Unreal Editor — along with a release date — at GDC on March 16th.