Super-thin iPad Pro cover lets you stash Apple Pencil


Thin, light, and extra-grippy case will keep the Pencil in place.
Thin, light, and extra-grippy case will keep the Pencil in place.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: CoverBuddy iPad Pro case by SwitchEasy

Keeping track of my Apple Pencil is a royal pain. Either I’ve got to slip it into a bag like an actual writing implement, carry it around in my pocket, or get one of those cases for my iPad Pro that adds a ton of bulk just to include a fabric loop to strap the Pencil in.

Not so the CoverBuddy case, an ultra-thin plastic sheath for the rear of the iPad Pro that includes something I wouldn’t expect from such a thin, light case: a secure spot for the Apple Pencil.

It’s simply the best minimalist pencil-holding cover I’ve seen yet.

Sliding an iPad Pro into the CoverBuddy case is super simple, and it encloses most of the back area of my iPad Pro. CoverBuddy is slim enough that I can even use it with more protective cases on the go (like Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover), but it’s also solid enough to protect from drops on its own. The pebbled plastic ensures that I won’t drop my massive iOS device; a huge advantage when I’m moving it around my house.

I used to wonder where I should put the Pencil when I got it; I haven’t lost the magical writing implement once while using the CoverBuddy, yet. My iPad Pro has weathered a couple of drops from off the couch and coffee table with no damage, as well. The pencil just slides into the back of the case without a fuss.

CoverBuddy is a simple case that does exactly what I need it to.

The little Pencil holder, which connects right to the back of the CoverBuddy, also doubles as a wedge to prop an iPad Pro up for sketching, but can be detached as well. The case comes in three colors — clear, white, or black — to match your style, though I prefer the translucent “clear” version as it lets me see the Apple logo and Gold color of my iPad Pro.

Ultimately, I needed a basic, super-thin and light iPad Pro case that would hold my Apple Pencil securely and even let me use a Smart Keyboard or Case along with it, and CoverBuddy by SwitchEasy is an affordable, well-made solution.

Price: $39.99

Buy from: SwitchEasy

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