Stack blocks to save the galaxy’s cutest robot in clever Atomi


The day I don't want to help a cute robot is the day I stop living.
Photo: Studio Baikin

If you can look Atomi‘s super-cute robot hero in his single, perfectly round eye and say that you don’t want to help him get home, then you may be a monster. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me.

Atomi needs to gather atoms to repair his busted spaceship, but he has a few things in his way. Specifically, he can’t climb or jump, and some of those things he needs are on very tall platforms. But that’s where you come in. And the time you spend getting the little ‘bot where he needs to be is both fun and charming as it sounds.

Atomi gives you a starting screen and a bunch of blocks (at the bottom of the screen), and your job is to arrange those pieces to give your mechanical buddy a clear walking path to the atom in each level. Again, the little guy can’t jump or climb, but he can slide down and walk up gentle slopes on his comically small legs.

You have some light physics to deal with, too. Pieces don’t shift under Atomi’s weight or anything, but you need to make sure that everything is properly supported and balanced so that it stands on its own. Sometimes, this means placing one piece temporarily while you shore up the one on top of it, and other times it means getting really annoyed at gravity for being such a stickler for its own laws.

Each stage has multiple possible solutions, and it’s really satisfying to find a layout that leaves a bunch of extra blocks behind. You feel so smart when that happens, seriously.

Atomi has two difficulty levels, but anyone with even slight puzzle experience will have a better time starting on the harder one. Easy would be great for younger players to start out on, however. And it effectively doubles their gameplay, so they’ll stay busy for a while.

The mechanic is cool, the puzzles are occasionally very tough, and again, you just can’t say no to that robot. Atomi is a charming and clever title that belongs on your iPhone or iPad.

Download Atomi for $1.99.