iPad 3G Available At 5PM This Afternoon, Retail Stores Closed Between 4PM-5PM to Prep



Just a friendly Cult of Mac reminder that if you haven’t already pre-ordered an iPad 3G, and if you aren’t already elbowing Greg Packer for elbow room at the front of the 5th Avenue store lines, Apple’s official retail stores will all be closed from 4pm to 5pm today to prepare the staff for the imminent launch of Apple’s mobile broadband capable tablet. 17:00:01 is the earliest you’re possibly going to snag one unless UPS Santa pays you a visit before then.

Here’s what we’re curious about: how many of you are intending on picking up an iPad 3G after work today? If so, please let us know how you get on in the comments. We’d also be interested if the intermittently available iPad WiFi is more readily available in the retail stores now that the 3G is available.

Anyway, that’s it: the last first-gen iPad release date. Except for us poor suckers in the rest of the world, that is, but hell… we don’t count.

[via 9to5Mac]