Siri drops fat beats in awesome musical collaborations


"Hey, Siri? Let's spit hot fire."
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Siri’s latest trick has it setting the tempo for the Internet’s beatboxing magic.

Apple’s digital assistant may not be the best beatboxer on its own, but it can provide the backdrop for some more talented people. And those people have found a way to get Siri to lay it down so that they can spit hot fire and record it for our entertainment.

All it takes is a little math.

We’ve already seen that all one has to do is ask the helperbot to rattle off a number with a whole lot of zeroes in it, and that lays the foundation for the collaboration. Here’s the awesome trio (Siri makes it a quartet, we suppose) that got our attention over the weekend:

Our favorite part of that one is how they make it look it just happened out of nowhere, and everyone’s like, “Oh, I couldn’t possibly sing– Well, okay, I do know this one song…”

Some other of Siri’s collaborators have a bit more trouble hiding their excitement, however. This guy’s face says more than words can express.

YouTuber Marcus Perez has a channel full of sweet beatboxing, but he hits another level when he calls in some backup on his iPhone. You can check out his epic team-up over on his Facebook page.

It’s possible that beatboxing with Siri isn’t as great as we thought it was, though. Even morning-radio DJs are getting in on it, and they’re just about the least cool people we have.

Let’s forget that ever happened, actually. Here’s another good one to play us out. Even Cult of Mac writer Buster Hein loved it, and that guy hates everything that isn’t rocks.

  • justmewhoelse

    How cute – now if Apple could make Siri work – that would be nice

    • SnowBlack

      You must be new have you tried to get a women to understand you? How does that work for you?