There’s never been a better time to do Arduino [Deals]


Say yes to Arduino with this bundle of all the necessary tools and skills for building awesome gadgets.
Say yes to Arduino with this bundle of all the necessary tools and skills for building awesome gadgets.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If ‘Arduino’ doesn’t translate to ‘awesome’ in another language, it should. The simple, accessible, open-source, DIY technology platform has made it possible for almost anybody to build basically anything their imagination can whip up — robots, musical instruments, home augmentations, the list is endless. Now it’s easier than ever to get your projects off the page and into existence, with this complete bundle that includes the necessary hardware and more than 25 hours of training. And right now you can get the whole shebang for just $62.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Here’s some of what’s included.

ARDX Arduino Starter Kit

A detailed, illustrated guide that comes with all the parts you need to build your own circuits. Perfect for beginners, it requires zero experience and will give you hands-on projects to use Arduino for controlling lights, buzzers, and more.

  • No soldering or electronics background required
  • Straightforward instructions, including diagrams and troubleshooting tips
  • Additional instructions for taking your projects to the next level
  • 13 circuits included, each with a breadboard layout

Arduino Step-by-Step ‘Your Guide to the Internet of Things’ Course

Dive deep into networked devices through 99 lectures and more than 19 hours of instruction on basic Arduino concepts. Get started on your personal electronic projects by gaining the necessary knowledge of Arduino’s hardware and programming environment.

  • Learn to program in the Arduino prototyping platform
  • Understand the principles of programming micro-controllers
  • Study and work with numerous types of sensors and components
  • Connect your Arduino to the Internet for reporting and controlling

Arduino ‘Make a Remote-Controlled Car’ Course

In this course of 29 lectures, you’ll follow a step-by-step guide to transform a run-of-the-mill remotely controlled car into an custom RC cruiser. In doing so, you’ll absorb the necessary skills and concepts for building even more elaborate (and cool) projects.

  • Establish communication between Arduinos with an RF24-style transceiver module
  • Combine DC motors with L298N motor controllers and control with a Wii Nunchucko
  • Measure distance to an obstacle with the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
  • Retrofit an existing toy to increase its capabilities, learning to use power and soldering tools

Beginning Arduino ‘Make Your Own Environment Monitor System’ Course

With these 26 lectures, you’ll gain a full-spectrum perspective of the Arduino prototyping board, from creating circuits to building an awesome Internet-connected, environment-monitoring gadget.

  • Make simple circuits based on the Arduino board
  • Acquire data from sensors and display them on an LCD screen
  • Upload sensor data to a free cloud logging service and visualize in a dashboard
  • Understand the basics of programming for microcontrollers

Get in on this essential bundle of Arduino tools and skills for just $62.99