Concept ad gets us revved up for the Apple Car


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.56.35
Better start saving now.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

Apple building an alleged Apple Car is supposedly an “open secret” in the automotive industry, but even if it’s true we’re still a few years away from actually seeing it.

That’s too long for the folks at Luca Wrede and ConceptsiPhone, who have taken it upon themselves to create a tantalizing 2020-era concept ad showing an Apple Car with Apple Watch and iPhone integration, plus the Apple Maps, Safari, and other software features we’d expect.

You may not be able to get your check book out just yet, but you can watch it below.

What do you think of this Apple Car concept? Personally I’d like to see any vehicle Apple does build run as silently as a MacBook, but this quibble aside I’d definitely be on board for this to happen.

Are you won over by this Apple Car ad? Leave your comments below. Hey, there are worse things we could be doing on a Thursday than a spot of daydreaming.

  • Andy Brooks

    It’s a well produced video but the car looks bulky and ugly. And why does a car commercial from Apple need a random slow motion clip of someone skateboarding? It felt out of place. Are they trying to seem hip and cool?

    • Luke Dormehl

      Skateboarding is coming back in a big, bad way in 2019. Just wait and see! :D

      • MaskedRacerX

        Also time is slowing, so that video is normal speed in 2019…

  • Horrible …

  • Helles99

    Driverless cars are going to be bigger in the end. We will want room for moving about like on a bus or a plane. I’m not saying anything that big but at least where we can turn our chairs around. This looks like a sports car and I don’t know if it will work. But it’s a great concept none the less.

    • John Boatman

      Notice the car didn’t have a steering wheel. It’s driverless. So, your entire point is wrong and baseless

      • Helles99

        You’re entire reply is wrong and baseless lol. I didn’t say anything about it not being driverless. Andy Brooks said it “looks bulky and ugly”. I was just saying it driverless cars will become bigger in the end so we can have more to move around a little. If you would like to share what you though I said was wrong and baseless I would love to read it though.

  • jerrywdoyle

    The grill looks the same as the grill Volvo uses on their cars with the exception of an Apple logo instead. Not impressed. Apple needs to buy Tesla.