Mobile make-out game is even more grotesque than it sounds


Smooth Operator make-out game
You may think you're ready for what's about to happen, but you aren't.
Photo: Beardo Games

If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate make-out game experience on your iPhone, keep waiting. This one looks gross.

Smooth Operator will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it looks like exactly the thing to bring your festivities to a halt. It’s a co-op kissing title that is all about you and your partner following on-screen cues to make sure that your avatars keep their waggling tongues moving and … interacting.

We really can’t overstate how unsettling this thing looks, but if you want to see it in action, check out the trailer below.

We don’t mean to sound like prudes here; it’s all in good fun. But hopefully inexperienced smoochers don’t take any lessons from how it’s done in Smooth Operator because we’re pretty sure that they’d just be setting themselves up for disappointment on several levels.

The make-out game comes courtesy of developer Beardo Games, which takes its inspiration from “games we have all agreed are great (Street Fighter, Jet Set Radio, Katamari Damacy, …), the low brow art movement, and other cultural touch points in movies, comics, music, and television.”

We aren’t sure which cultural touch points in particular spawned Smooth Operator, but it looks like something straight out of MTV’s avant-garde Liquid Television animation series from the ’90s. Specifically, this episode opening from bizarre sci-fi seriec Æon Flux:

Smooth Operator will hit the iOS App Store on February 11.