Apple Music is about to wall off its radio stations


Beats 1 will be your only free Apple Music option next month.
Beats 1 will be your only free Apple Music option next month.
Photo: Apple

Apple Music is shutting down its ad-supported radio as of January 28, pushing Beats 1 as the premier free “broadcast” for Apple. Apple sent the news out in an email to subscribers and free listeners today.

You’ll still be able to listen to all the Apple Music radio as an Apple Music member, but not as a free listener.

Radio is a tab in iTunes under the Music section; you’ll see various radio stations curated by Apple Music’s editors that let you listen commercial-free and with unlimited skips if you’re an Apple Music member. You can even create your own stations based on your favorite songs and artists, like Pandora or Spotify.

The three-month trial is still in effect for those not yet Apple Music members, so if you haven’t paid up, now might be the time so you can continue to listen to the radio stations you love, like Pure Pop, Americana, or Electronic Pioneers radio.

Beats 1 will continue to be the free tier of Apple Music, letting you hear music and culture as curated by Djs like Zane Lowe and special guests like Dr. Dre, Drake, Pharrell, and more.

No mention of the old iTunes-style internet radio stations, which seem to still be in iTunes to the far right of all the content options, though.

  • Daevad Tajkowski

    Apple is really starting to piss me off. I will not be listening to Beats 1, I will not pay their subscription fee. I simply won’t use Apple music anymore. They think people will pony-up the money because they are Apple and their customers are sheep. Maybe some customers are sheep… but I for one am not. This is just Apple saying “bend over and like it while we take something away.” Maybe I’ll just buy my downloaded music from Amazon while I’m at it. I like to listen to new things on stations I define, put music I like on my wish list, then buy the music as it suited me. But now they want me to pay to listen and to buy. Screw them. I sure don’t need to buy from them.

    • aardman

      Dang, the level of entitlement of people these days. What? It won’t be free anymore? That’s a violation of my right to get stuff for free! I am entitled to free stuff, it’s says so in the constitution!

      • mgabrys

        Sorry it’s not like they’re the only option available. Talk about being an entitled bitch. Hold Apple stock much?

    • pjs_boston

      Sorry, Apple doesn’t collect user data with which to sell advertising. If you want to use Apple products you pay the old fashioned way, up front. If you prefer whoring out your privacy, use Google services.

  • uberliberal

    Goodbye Apple. The headline should read “Apple will alienate more customers on Jan 28 by sending iTunes Radio to the dustbin of history.”

  • matt

    is there any hope that itunes mach subscribers will still get radio?? i don’t think so

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      I don’t really use iTunes Radio all that much, only occasionally. I do use iTunes Match and not Apple Music.

      The only way I would buy a streaming music service is if it is Lossless and is a reasonable price and I can simple search music like normal without the curated nonsense. I don’t need some DJ or some “so-called expert” curating music for me. I am perfectly capable for searching for new music on my own.

      I think a possibility is that they might add the iTunes Match capabilities to Apple Music and charge accordingly. at least that’s a guess on my part.

      As an iTunes Match customer, I didn’t get any email as of yet.

  • mmunson

    I think if people pay for Itunes Match they should get ad supported radio. If people dont pay for itunes match they dont get the rest of the stations.

  • Wade Pierce

    Pandora must be doing a happy dance.

  • Hakan Uzer

    So what are people living in regions that Apple Music haven’t started yet going to do? Yes it has been half a year and in Turkey we are still looking at the “coming very soon” banner at the Apple Music page. And no launch date is on the horizon as far as I guess