Microsoft wants you to trade in your Apple Watch for a Band 2


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Microsoft wants you to ditch your Apple wearable.
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The Apple Watch may have record high levels of user satisfaction, but Microsoft wants you to throw in the towel and trade it for the second-generation Microsoft Band.

To convince customers, it’s even offering a new trade-in program that, depending on the model, could give you up to $250 for your Apple Watch. For those keeping score, that means you can get your hands on Redmond’s newly-launched wearable sequel without having to pay a single (extra) cent for it.

Here's what Microsoft is offering for your existing wearable.
Here’s what Microsoft is offering for your existing wearable.
Photo: Microsoft

Although Microsoft’s trade-in program also covers a variety of other wearables, it places a premium on the stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop. Microsoft will give you $250 for that particular model, while the Apple Watch with rubber band gets $200, and the Apple Watch Sport is worth $150.

Not quite so much value is placed on other wearables, however. At the bottom of the scale is the Fitbit Flex, which will score you just $10 off the price of the Microsoft Band 2.

Microsoft asks that all trade-in devices must have a working battery, must not be password protected, must feature no broken or missing components, and should come with the original charger and accessories. The offer is valid until February 7, runs in the U.S. and Canada, and is limited to one trade-in per customer.

What do you get for your money? Well, something which is reportedly a bit better than Microsoft’s original wearable, but still has a long way to go. According to Alphr‘s review, “I liked the Microsoft Band 2, but I wouldn’t buy one. It’s too bulky and uncomfortable, and although the stats it provides are more in depth than your standard wristbands, on the evidence of the test above, they’re far from perfect.”

I think I’ll stick with the Apple Watch for now, particularly with a planned sequel coming in the next few months. But you’ve got to give Microsoft points for trying.

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  • TJ

    lol wonder how well that will work out for them. Didn’t they do the same sort of scheme for trading in your iPhone for a Lumia and the MacBook Air for a Surface Pro or something? I’d love to know if anyone actually traded in an Apple product and what the numbers are, probably weren’t very successful schemes.

  • EFV

    What about the Apple Watch Edition models? :-P

  • Marty

    [Not that I like or own an Apple Watch. I don’t. And I find it to be grossly styled and terribly ugly]

    I prefer a traditional style watch, not a watch I have to read underhanded. When MS puts out a real smart watch, I’ll consider based on its style and appearance. But I wouldn’t hold out high expectations for any nice looking MS watch based on all of MS’s past products. It seems MS doesn’t know how to style anything they release. Just look at the Zune, the original XBOX, the Windows 10 phones and just about everything they’ve ever released.

    I will say I’m pleased with the XBOX One Elite controller, though. Now that’s a pretty device.

  • bdkennedy11

    I don’t see any benefit to doing this. And I’m sure more people won’t.

  • Chutzpah

  • 0hStopItYou

    lol I don’t think this is gonna happen for me – I mean, my apple watch cost me ~$650 CAD. The MS band can be bought for ~350 CAD.

  • Jaca Paladium

    It’s like “Volkswagen wants you to trade in your Mercedes Benz for a VW Car”