Learn to hack on the right side of the law [Deals]


Learn the skills needed to get a job hacking for the good guys.
Learn the skills needed to get a job hacking for the good guys.
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Whether through dramatization pop culture or out-of-touch leaders, hacking has gotten a bad rap. The act of testing a system for its flaws goes to the very beginning of computer technology itself, and it’s a tradition carried on by so-called “white hat hackers”, experts who dig into systems to test, expose and correct weak spots. It’s not a dark art but a light one, and one you can learn with the Complete White Hat Hacking and Penetration Testing Bundle . These courses normally go for almost a thousand dollars, but right now you can get access for just $19.

Here’s some of what’s included:

Network Penetration Tester – Build a $120K/Year Career

  • Study hacking tools, methodologies and techniques
  • Follow along with situational labs based on real environments, targeting included virtual machines
  • Learn how to scan networks and exploit their vulnerabilities
  • Study system hacking, sniffing, trojans, backdoors, viruses, worms, cryptography, and more
  • Perform attacks using Metasploit, and learn how to perform penetration testing

Basics of VMWare vSphere and ESXi Virtualization Software

  • Learn to install, deploy, manage and maintain a virtual system
  • Learn to host hundreds of virtual machines running various operating systems
  • Link machines together in a virtual network or cloud infrastructure
  • Create a virtual system using the VMware VSphere environment
  • Understand, design and deploy a virtual system with ease

How to Build a $120,000/Year Career as a Web Penetration Tester

  • Learn the basic methods for penetration testing of a web application
  • Go step-by-step through the entire penetration testing process
  • Practice finding vulnerabilities in apps and control remote servers
  • Learn to gain information on potential targets
  • Study various attack types: authentication, session management, access controls, data stores

Introduction to Cisco Packet Tracer Network Simulator

  • Master Cisco’s Packet Tracer network simulator with 16 lectures and 1.5 hours of content
  • Develop Cisco-specific technology skills without access to official Cisco routers and switches
  • Download Packet Tracer for free with a Netacad account
  • Simulate complex scenarios before trying on real equipment
  • Connect and configure devices with the Command Line Interface

Set Up Your Own Web Hosting Environment

  • Learn the basics of installing Linux OS
  • Study DNS and how it works, and how to set up a web hosting environment from scratch
  • Configure DNS/DDNS and Port forwarding from your router
  • Configure and secure Apache, PHP, MySQL & PHPMyAdmin
  • Study basic WordPress setup

Join the ranks of white hat hackers for $19 at Cult of Mac Deals.