Now we know exactly which cars have CarPlay


VW's 2016 lineup is rolling deep with CarPlay.
Yes. Every Volkswagen.
Photo: VW

Apple’s finally getting specific about how well adoption of its CarPlay protocol is going.

A list appeared on the company’s website today confirming that over half of the manufacturers it has partnered with have announced specific models of vehicles that will receive the functionality.

If you’re wondering which cars have CarPlay, you have over a hundred to choose from. Here’s what we know so far.

CarPlay lets drivers connect their iPhones to their vehicles and then run certain functions through in-dash displays. In addition to making phone calls, CarPlay also supports Music, Apple’s Podcast app, and a variety of third-party music and radio players like Spotify and iHeartRadio.

Below is the list from the official Apple site, as of this writing. It includes 104 individual models from 21 automakers. Click on the image to see it full-size:

which cars have carplay
That’s a lot of cars we won’t be able to afford for a while.
Photo: Apple

Volkswagen and Chevrolet are the big players with a combined 32 vehicles. But despite its enthusiasm, Volkswagen had some drama at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week when it said Apple wouldn’t let it show off its cars’ wireless functionality with CarPlay. That seemed a little confusing at the time, since we aren’t sure why Apple wouldn’t want anyone showing off how cool the feature is, especially cord-free. But we assume that the iPhone maker wants to control the flow of news, starting with this list.

That leaves 19 other partners like BMW, Alfa Romeo, and Toyota who haven’t announced their CarPlay-compatible vehicles yet, but that isn’t to say they won’t have any. It’s possible they’re working out some technical issues or simply haven’t shown their cars off yet. Still, Apple’s showing 50 percent with its deals, and that’s not bad at all.

If you’re holding out for your favorite make or model, you don’t have to worry if it never shows. Apple is also partnering with stereo companies Alpine, Kenwood, and Pioneer to make after-market kits available for drivers whose cars don’t come with the feature.

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