Real-e? Apple’s new 4-inch smartphone to be named ‘iPhone 5e’


The real name of Apple's upcoming 4-inch handset?
Photo: MyDrivers

It seems that most people agree that Apple has plans to release a 4-inch iPhone in the not-too-distant future. What no-one, it seems, can agree on is what Apple will call said handset.

So far the name we’ve heard most often has been the iPhone 6c. Now a new report coming out of China suggests that this will be the first of a whole new range of iPhones — with its proper title rumored to be the iPhone 5e.

The report, which comes from Chinese site MyDrivers, claims that the “e” stands for “enhanced.” Unlike other previous reports about the 4-inch iPhone, it is claimed that the handset will feature a stripped-down A8 processor and 1GB of RAM, although with the addition of Apple Pay.

Ultimately, the report suggests that this would make the iPhone 5e a glorified iPod touch, aimed at developing markets, with a suitably low price tag to match. While there’s no doubt that Apple’s taking its emergence in places like China and India more seriously than ever, I still don’t think we’re going to see the company tarnish its high-end reputation by making low-cost handsets to compete with the Android cheapies.

In other words, I suspect this latest report is more than a bit sketchy — although we won’t know until Apple finally announces its plans.

Can you see Apple making a smaller iPhone targeted at developing markets? And, if so, would it call such a handset the iPhone 5e? Leave your comments below.

Source: MyDrivers

  • Lee Imamac

    love you cult of mac, listen to every podcast, read your articles all day, every day. BUT REALLY! nobody is calling it the 7c….that’s ignorant. why would anybody, author of this article or otherwise even hint that it potentially could be called 7c…give me a break man………please don’t say it’s the “name you’ve heard most often”. unless you are the one saying it, nobody else is either. 6c? sure maybe, 7c, said, “NOBODY EVER”

    • Brian R

      I don’t believe the author did in fact use the term 7c. Please read more carefully before your rant at someone behind the safety of online comments. If you did LOVE this site as you claim, you would give them the benefit of the doubt before blowing up over one article anyway. Shall we all “take a breath” to start the new year and treat each other with a little more respect in this cold, text driven digital age?

      • Lee Imamac

        The very nature of an online blog or article with comment thread is to interject commentary therefore your argument that I’m hiding behind the graces of an online presence is also ignorant. Thank you though for stating your position on the very subject of free speech. Now as far as the article author and term 7C is concerned. Because I’ve never heard that term used anywhere except here in this article that by its very definition states that the author did in fact use the term 7C. As far as what you considered “blowing up” this is only interjecting my opinion which is very much allowed in this article as to the fact that the use of the term 7C is ignorant because nobody is calling it that anywhere. Except for here in this post. I would however like to extend my statement of ignorance to include you.

      • Brian R

        Again, where is the term 7c used? You are the only one being “ignorant” in this fact. And the fact that you resort to name calling, only proves my point about blowing up over things and hiding behind your keyboard. I doubt you would have the real world balls to face myself or anyone else in this manner. So sad…

      • Lee Imamac


      • Don Luther

        Correct Brian. 6c and 5e are the “only” 2 names mentioned in this article. Time to give up on that proof reading career Lee.

    • Ahmed J

      funny how the only place i find the term ‘7c’ on this page is in your comment.

      • Lee Imamac

        Wondering if the author will admit he edited the article and removed 7C. Oh well at least it doesn’t say it anymore!

      • Ahmed J

        oh lol. if they did, it was a pretty quick response. and not in a professional way !

    • BusterH

      real-e? Ming-Chi Kuo actually did report that it might be called the iPhone 7c. He’s pretty much the most reliable analyst.

  • Ruben

    If it going to be cheaper than the iPhone 6 is no way it has anything better than the 6. I’ll have 1GB of Ram, the same A8 processor (at best)… Seriously, you don’t need reports to know this kind of stuff. And it’s not going to be called iPhone 5e coz it’d be too confusing with the iPhone 5c. And the “e” for enhance is just ridiculous.

  • TheMadTurtle

    I certainly want a smaller form factor, but I don’t want to skimp on the specs. I’d gladly pay the same price for a smaller phone.

  • Not gonna happen; there just isn’t enough demand for a tiny 4″ phone. Before I get 2 or 3 people ranting otherwise, tell me why Android isn’t making small phones? No demand. You want a tiny phone, I hear trackphone has plenty of options.

    • Aaron Smith

      I don’t think it’s a lack of demand, I think it’s pricing. A smaller phone wouldn’t necessarily be cheaper than a larger phone. That’s a perception problem, but people would be likely to spend the money and get a bigger phone, just because they think it’s a better value. I’m still holding onto my iPhone 5, mostly because until recently I haven’t had a desire for anything larger(nor would I be able to use anything larger 1 handed). I’m becoming more resigned to the fact that other people(who are buying larger and larger phones) are essentially dictating the trajectory of phone size and design, thus I may need to get a larger phone just to stay current and to keep up with my needs. A Nexus 6p is looking particularly tempting, given that the Nexus 5x is gimped in a few ways(slower cpu, less RAM, less mass storage, mono speaker), likely to keep the price down.

      • Totally agree with your analysis. I also believe that most people who think they can’t use a say iPhone 6 one handed (only .75″ bigger), haven’t tried using a larger device regularly enough to come to that conclusion. Obviously not everyone wants a phablet sized device, but the 6 really isn’t that much bigger than the 5.

    • Android Does

      Android has different power demands than iPhones and that’s why all the phones are gigantic. Android has already been about raw power and iOS has been about tight software optimization. Android flagships need to stuff huge batteries in to get anything resembling good battery life. If you want to see what an Android phone is like when they’re shrunken down, check the HTC A9. 3 and a half hours of screen on time.

      Different operating systems, different power needs. Manufacturers haven’t figured out how to make a small android phone that isn’t a budget or mid-low range device. It has nothing to do with the lack of demand of smaller phones. 1/5th of people in a huge survey said they prefer a 4inch device over larger screens. The demand is there, but only Apple has the engineering prowess to make a small phone be a complete package, since everything is done in house from the software to the hardware.

  • bdkennedy

    Schiller loves that letter e.

  • William D

    “although with the addition of Apple Pay.”

    The 5s already has touchId and capable of Apple Pay. Assuming of course you live in one of the three countries which supports it. So far nowhere near a developing conty, and the rate the roll out is going, it’ll be 2020 before  gets their act together to cover even their biggest markets let alone India etc.

    • Android Does

      The 5s does not support Apple Pay it doesn’t have NFC it is impossible to send a signal to a card reader.

  • That would be nice to get back to a real iPhone with a 4″ display… I have a 6 and use my “old” 4S as much as I can.
    If only they could go back to a real iOS as well, meaning iOS6. Apple, come back to your senses, please!!!!