Real-e? Apple’s new 4-inch smartphone to be named ‘iPhone 5e'

Real-e? Apple’s new 4-inch smartphone to be named ‘iPhone 5e’


The real name of Apple's upcoming 4-inch handset?
Photo: MyDrivers

It seems that most people agree that Apple has plans to release a 4-inch iPhone in the not-too-distant future. What no-one, it seems, can agree on is what Apple will call said handset.

So far the name we’ve heard most often has been the iPhone 6c. Now a new report coming out of China suggests that this will be the first of a whole new range of iPhones — with its proper title rumored to be the iPhone 5e.

The report, which comes from Chinese site MyDrivers, claims that the “e” stands for “enhanced.” Unlike other previous reports about the 4-inch iPhone, it is claimed that the handset will feature a stripped-down A8 processor and 1GB of RAM, although with the addition of Apple Pay.

Ultimately, the report suggests that this would make the iPhone 5e a glorified iPod touch, aimed at developing markets, with a suitably low price tag to match. While there’s no doubt that Apple’s taking its emergence in places like China and India more seriously than ever, I still don’t think we’re going to see the company tarnish its high-end reputation by making low-cost handsets to compete with the Android cheapies.

In other words, I suspect this latest report is more than a bit sketchy — although we won’t know until Apple finally announces its plans.

Can you see Apple making a smaller iPhone targeted at developing markets? And, if so, would it call such a handset the iPhone 5e? Leave your comments below.

Source: MyDrivers