Apple snaps up a trio of car-related web domains


Apple Car might be coming, but will it be special?
Apple Car might be coming, but will it be special?
Image: Aristomenis Tsirbas/Freelancer

Some new (circumstantial) evidence is lending further weight to the possibility that we may one day cruise down the street in an Apple Car.

Listings on domain search site show that Apple is buying up car-related web domains like crazy. The sites in question are “,” “,” and “” This is not the absolute, ironclad confirmation a lot of Apple Car fans are looking for, but it may point to some news coming.

Or it may not.

Business Insider reports (via MacRumors) that the records updated today, but Apple made the registries in December. And again, we have no reason to think this is at all related to Apple’s long-rumored electric-car, Project Titan.

It’s possible, for example, that the domains are related to Apple’s CarPlay framework, which puts the equivalent of the iPhone’s home screen up on certain vehicles’ dashboard displays. The company has been rolling this initiative out to car makers like Ford, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

More likely, however, is that Apple has simply bought up these domains so that nobody else can use them, and it doesn’t plan on ever putting anything on those pages. It wouldn’t be unprecedented; the company also grabbed last year, and we’re pretty sure it isn’t planning on using it. Never mind the fact that Apple has its own pretty comprehensive website, and it runs pages on everything through there.

Regardless, we remain fairly certain that we’ll get confirmation on the Apple Car sometime in the near future. Cupertino has been poaching talent from high-tech auto companies like Tesla and checking out space on top-secret testing grounds.