Rich men like Apple Watch, but the ladies love Rolex


Rich single men must choose their watch carefully.
Rich single men must choose their watch carefully.
Photo: Apple

Rich single men love the Apple Watch, but if they are dressing for a first date, they may want to wrist up with a good old-fashioned Rolex.

Rolex appears to be the way to a woman’s heart according to a survey of 1,400 members of the millionaire dating app Luxy, an unapologetic company that describes itself as “Tinder minus the poor people.”

Luxy found a real divide when it comes to personal technology or, at least, the impression it makes. The survey showed 72 percent of the men prefer an Apple Watch while 80 percent of the woman said they would rather date a man with a Rolex, one of the reigning symbols of wealth and status.

Wearing the 18-karat rose gold Apple Watch edition made little difference with 43 percent of the women nodding more adoringly at Rolex.

“Certainly our pop culture-obsessed generation can’t get enough of the latest gadgets and gizmos and celebs have been seeing wearing them all over town thanks to free watches from Apple,” Luxy spokeswoman Marie C. told Cult of Mac (Luxy representatives avoid using their last names to keep the haters at bay). “Even though Rolex watches hold their value, it’s not clear whether an Apple Watch will even by relevant in 12 to 18 months.”

Founded in 2014, Luxy claims its app is used by CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors and others with an annual income above $200,000.

Luxy users may be the 1 percent, but they sweat the details of dating just like the rest of us.

  • igorsky

    Women like rich men…news at 11.

    • Grits n Gravy

      Women are gold diggers and men love their toys. Water is wet and the sky is blue

  • markbyrn

    So if you want success with a gold-digger, wear a Rolex.

    • stanhope

      there is another word for gold diggers……a garden tool LOL LOL

  • lee scott

    AKA the COM piece on how to avoid dating a b*tch!

  • stanhope

    Where did they find these women…Vegas? I ditched my 18K Rolex president a decade ago as it seemed more the watch of car dealers. I replaced it with an 18K Cartier Panther which is far more likely to get a good table in a sophisticated restaurant than at Red Lobster where a Rolex is sure to impress. LOL I wear my Apple watch and hang what it says to other people. I like it and that’s more than enough. Y’all have fun at the Chicken Ranch and say hello to Lamar Odom. LOL LOL

  • Shahaaim

    Well, I”m kinda glad I don’t have a Rolex then.

  • I chalk this up to the women being gold diggers and also ignorant about technology. A gold Apple Watch is just as expensive as a Rolex. Maybe more in some cases depending on which Rolex models you’re comparing it to.

  • lrd555

    One thing’s for sure: no one with money would buy an Android Wear cr*p to impress anybody. Because @ 1st glance you know it’s a cheap imitation of something better.