BeastGrip transforms your iPhone into a pro camera rig


BeastGrip lets you attach pretty much anything to your iPhone.
BeastGrip lets you attach pretty much anything to your iPhone.
Photo: BeastGrip

The iPhone camera is great at photos and videos, but if you want to take your shots to the next level, you need some extra gear. BeastGrip is the easy-to-use solution that enables photogs to attach all sorts of components like stabilizers, mics, lights, and DSLR lenses to the iPhone to make a custom, pro-quality camera rig.

Every aspect of BeastGrip’s modular system can be expanded to fit practically any piece of photography hardware you throw at it. Whether you’re shooting on an iPhone, Android, or Windows device, simply loosen some screws, slide in a new segment, and you’re ready to capture professional quality video from your smartphone.

Flexibility is BeatGrip’s biggest selling point. The body alone costs $115, but you can also buy a kit with the company’s DOF adapter that lets you mount Canon or Nikon DSLR lenses to your iPhone, giving you much better depth-of-field for really unique camera phone shots.

  • “You can basically put anything that is in your imagination on there.” Well I’m thinking about a cat playing a banjo right now, does that fit?

    • BusterH

      If you create a little mount for your cat, yes.

  • Jeff S.

    More proof that most of the world has no idea what a professional image is, or what a quality image looks like. A $100 attachment for you phone is not going to make it a pro camera. A huge percentage of the “pro” photographers out there don’t even know what professional means.
    We have been looking at bad quality photos for so long, (since the Brownie camera) we don’t even realize that most slr lenses are pretty low quality. Don’t waste your money and embarrass yourself with this piece of junk. Not one word about the fact that phone files are not meant to be printed and can’t output anything bigger than a 5×7 without blurring and aliasing, no matter what lens you use.