Tim Cook only made $10.3 million last year


Tim Cook was ranked the nation's top CEO by ExecRank.
Don't worry, he's still rich.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook made approximately $10.3 million in 2015 — $10,281,327 to be exact. That is up only a tad from the $9.2 million he earned in 2014. The other executives at Apple all made around $25 million each for the year. Sure, it’s rough to place the word “only” in front of a ten million dollar check, but in Cook’s case, he is making significantly less than the other execs.

The big difference between Tim Cook and the other execs is that Cook does not receive any stock awards. His base salary is $2 million while the others’ are just $1 million, yet CFO Luca Maestri, SVP of retail Angela Ahrendts, SVP of Internet software and services Eddy Cue, SVP of hardware engineering Dan Riccio and SVP general counsel and secretary all collected $20,000,105 in stock awards. They also received $4 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation while Cook received $8 million.

All of this information is easily obtainable through the public proxy filing Apple submitted to the SEC.

It’s hard to neglect mentioning that Steve Jobs used to famously only pay himself $1 in salary since 1998, but did own 5.5 million shares of Apple stock. With the news that Apple could be cutting iPhone 6s orders to suppliers by as much as 30 percent this quarter, maybe Tim Cook should start looking into taking Jobs’ salary.

Just a joke, of course. We’ll get to hear more about Apple’s successes and failures in the earnings call at the end of this quarter. Plus, Apple did just announce that things are at least going pretty well for developers since customers spent over $1.1 billion on apps over this holiday season.

  • BoltmanLives

    Most wortless CEO evar

    • jv371

      Why do you say that?

      • BoltmanLives

        Name one thing hes done

      • jv371

        Just a head’s up, I’m not defending him or arguing with you. I just want to know why you think he’s a worthless CEO. He’s been running Apple for a long time, especially when Jobs started to get sick so I was genuinely curious why someone would think he’s worthless, as you put it.

      • BoltmanLives

        He runs Appl into the ground… he is not CEO material and its a joke he’s getting any raise. No wonder Appl is tanking

    • Rockinrony

      Agreed. Really a worthless CEO. He squeezed out all core apple values. He approved all poor hardware designs(magic mouse2, iphone battery case, macbook with one port, ugly antenna lines in new iphones and many). Any most importantly, by changing ios/mac os to flat, tasteless, cartoonish, boring and colorless. How the hell he can ruin everything which Steve and his team build these values in over 30 years of hard work and dedication. Tim is just interested in big numbers, profit making balanced sheet. He is not into innovation, he is into building his reputation and career graph by proving himself. Poor Apple!

  • JJ

    I can’t believe I make more than he does.

    • RyanTV

      Yeah right… Unless your last name is Abrams.