Crushgate? What happens when 3,500 pounds of force meets an iPhone 6s


Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 14.19.43
This doesn't end well.
Photo: TechRax

Remember Bendgate, the massively overblown period following the iPhone 6’s release, in which people acted like Apple’s handset was about as sturdy as a slice of processed cheese?

Well, destructive YouTuber TechRax is back with a new “stress test” designed to see how the studier iPhone 6s fares against 3,500 pounds of pressure. Answer: nNt very well at all.

If, to paraphrase Fight Club, you want to see out 2015 by watching the destruction of something beautiful, check out the video below.

TechRax, for those unfamiliar with him, is the same guy who previously showed us what would happen if you stuck your iPhone in a lava lamp or used magnets to crush a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition.

It’s a weird world we live in when destroying “must have” tech gadgets is someone’s actual job description!

Still, I guess we’ve learned a valuable lesson about not storing our precious iPhones next to massive mechanical winches.

  • Roxy Balboa

    The guy is a retard

  • I fail to see any reason for this destruction, other than for those who get perverse enjoyment out of seeing expensive things made useless. This is low class entertainment, and I won’t be watching any more of these pointless “destruction porn” videos.

  • Steve

    So now we want Apple to make a bulletproof iPhone? Perhaps next it should be made out of Kevlar and fit into an Apple Bulletproof Vest, only then it still won’t hold up to a high powered rifle round, so next it will need to be formed out of whatever armor the U.S. Secret Service uses in the President’s limo, the beast. I get it though, let’s go to whatever extremes necessary to destroy the most desirable items available. Apple need only be concerned if the focus shifts to the latest Samsung or Microsoft phone.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      They can’t make any device completely indestructible that’s actually usable and affordable. It would have to be a block of titanium or some metal that’s super thick and that would be too costly, and they can’t make the glass strong enough to not break unless it’s a couple of inches thick, like laminated bullet proof glass, which still gets damaged if you shoot a gun at it. :-) They just need to test these devices under normal circumstances and it’s still very difficult to make these things indestructible and still retain a thin profile that people would want.

  • CelestialTerrestrial

    What a joke, people going around purposely putting a phone to enormous amounts of stress that are well beyond what most people do is STUPID, WASTEFUL. I don’t know why people bother writing articles like this.