Only killer looks or a better tax return gets you into this singles party


Millionaire dating app Luxy is looking for good-looking and/or rich singles for its global meet-and-greets.
Millionaire dating app Luxy is looking for good-looking and/or rich singles for its global meet-and-greets.
Photo: Luxy

As far as party invitations go, this may be the only one that asks unattractive people to stay away – unless of course they can produce a tax return at the door that shows a yearly income above $200,000.

Luxy, the dating app for only the wealthiest, will be hosting a series of singles nights around the globe next year. If you find such an invitation rude, you probably weren’t going to make it past the door anyway.

“Luxy will only allow attractive people into their party and won’t apologize for turning people away,” said mysterious Luxy spokesman Andrew M. “If you’re not attractive and you can’t prove that you’re on $200 minimum, you’re not getting in. There is no point, no one will speak to you. Luxy doesn’t want to waste their users time.”


Luxy came on the scene in 2014 as being like “Tinder without the poor people.” Its membership includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, celebrities, pro athletes and other wealthy successful people. Luxy brags 41 percent of its members are confirmed millionaires, hundreds of thousands of whom have been matched by the app.

This past spring, Luxy tried to tempt affluent Hidden Hills, Calif., with $3.45 million to rename itself “Luxy USA.”

As shallow as the exclusivity sounds, Luxy vets to keep out gold diggers, the website claims. “Just because you went to an Ivy League university and made a few LinkedIn connections, it doesn’t mean you’re worth getting to know by default. Luxy just wants to know the person you are today. We ensure that we have people worth knowing. That’s why we can promise a fantastic party.”

Dates for the series of 2016 global meet-and-greets have not been announced, but Luxy saidit will kick off in New York City with stops in Los Angles, London and Brazil.

Luxy plans to fly in certain “VIP guests” on private choppers, according to a press release about the events.

The press release does not specify whether singles interested in the parties need to be signed up with Luxy, which is available for both iOS and Android users. It’s free to download.