Could Fitbit have had a better Christmas than Apple Watch?


Fitbit may have had a better Christmas than Apple Watch.
Fitbit may have had a better Christmas than Apple Watch.
Photo: Fitbit

Although Fitbit may consider the Apple Watch a technical threat, Apple’s smartwatch didn’t seem to hamper Christmas sales any for the company: the market-leading activity tracker seems to have had a huge sales surge thanks to Christmas. Could Fitbit have outsold the Apple Watch this Holiday season?

Although Fitbit hasn’t directly commented on holiday sales of its line of activity trackers. QZ points out that Fitbit’s iOS app shot to the top of the Apple free app chart in the U.S. on December 25th, which would seem to indicate there were a lot of Fitbit’s opened this Christmas.

How does that compare with Apple Watch sales? It’s impossible to say. Not only does Apple not provide Watch sales numbers, but the Apple Watch app is built into iOS 9, making it impossible to compare by downloads. Still, while not as powerful as the Apple Watch, Fitbit’s fitness trackers are a lot less expensive than Cupertino’s smartwatch, making it seem possible more units were sold… especially since some publications are openly warning their readers not to gift the Apple Watch this year.

What do you think? Does Fitbit have anything to fear from the Apple Watch, or can both fitness trackers survive in the marketplace? Let us know in the comments.

Source: QZ

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  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Fitbit or Apple Watch? Apple or orange? These products are way different.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Could Fitbit have had a better Christmas than Apple Watch?”

    No. But it wouldn’t matter anyway. Aside from being worn on the wrist and telling time, they’re not in the same category.

  • isitjustme

    You mean a Fitbit watch need an iOS app to run, hilarious dude.

    • demodave

      No. I thnk this implies that there is a app for the Apple watch that allows it to do Fitbit stuff. The implication is that a lot of Apple Watches were sold and are being used to do fFtbit stuff. Upshot: a lot of Apple Watches were sold.

  • zak2010

    FitBit had a lot of discounts around Christmas. Not surprising they did well. Having an app at the top of a download chart vs the Watch where the app is built in to the OS isn’t a valid comparison. The price points are markets are quite different too.

    • tjwolf

      Apple Watch was an unprecedented 30% off at Best Buy and Target – so i don’t think discounts had anything to do with Fitbit doing better than Apple Watch – if it did do better. Since Apple doesn’t share its numbers for Apple Watch, this is a stupid discussion to be having in the first place.

      I think Apple Watch sold like gang busters this x-mas. Fitbit probably did even better due to its low price (I bet most of the sales are of the low-end version, not the $250 version that tries to compete for attention with Apple Watch).

      • rattyuk

        Here’s the thing. Retailers like popular items at low prices to bring people into their stores. They are covering the “discount” not Apple. We’ve seen similar patterns with iPods in the past. Always spun by the haters as if Apple is failing somehow, only to be followed by breakout sales figures come the January earnings release.

        Something else to consider. If the Watch Sales are very high and add significant money to the bottom line then Apple is legally obliged to release sales figures. Going to be an interesting earnings release this time.

        Of course it will have no effect on the Apple share price, Wall Street appears to have disconnected Apple the company from AAPL the share.

      • tjwolf

        You are preaching to the choir with regards to Apple. But you are incorrect in stating that Apple has to release sales figures for Apple Watch if sales are high. Apple Watch sales are reported already – but as part of a larger category on their financial statement. They are not required to break out Apple Watch sales no matter how well it does. But one can estimate watch sales by making historical assumptions about other revenue generators in the category.

  • mstrmac

    Got one for xmas. It tells me how many steps I take in my daily routine. I know now and know what to do to take them extra steps. So I don’t need it and will probably end up in the drawer. Nice gift but the newness wears off. Doesn’t do enough. Not compelling.

  • Bart

    Apple watch is far better. I have no trouble wearing it all the time. No way I would do that with a fitbit.