iTunes Apple’s Worst Product, Paper Says



So the iPad is a runaway hit and there’s no stopping the iPhone: the Telegraph still finds reason to harrumph at Apple with a “Bottom Ten” of what they consider the Cupertino company’s worst products.

The surprise: iTunes tops the list as Apple’s worst product to date.

If these schadenfreude rankings are evergreens for news outlets, they are usually topped by obvious turkeys like the Lisa and Apple III. Both of these commercial flops are still “less bad” than iTunes, however, ranking six and eight respectively.

Why does iTunes — successful at least on the financial front — top Apple’s lemon heap?  The unnamed journos who compiled the list reason thusly:

“There’s no free music-streaming element, no Zune-like wireless syncing, the store’s pricing strategy has come under pressure from rivals, and the iTunes platform itself is derided by many as slow and prone to crashes. Even the occasional new feature – such as the Genius feature, to create playlists of “songs that go great together” – cannot stop iTunes from feeling like a tired piece of software that’s a step behind other music services. Apple fans hope the service will get a much-needed overhaul this summer.”

Zune-like features? Sure, iTunes isn’t perfect, but we suspect the writers may be closet PCs.