Ditch the sticky notes to keep your passwords handy and secure [Deals]



In this age of cyber theft, keeping your passwords on a pad of paper or (even worse) an online document just won’t cut it, no matter how indecipherable you might think they are. Sticky Password offers a new solution for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android users. And right now you can get a lifetime subscription for just $24.99.

Sticky Password generates effectively encrypted passwords for all your accounts, accessible via a single master password known only to you. You can choose to keep your information in the cloud or locally — in either case Sticky Password makes it easy to automatically log in to recognized sites and fill out forms. It’s all managed and accessed via a clean, intuitive interface. And, made by the team behind AVG Antivirus, you can be sure that Sticky Password’s going to keep your information secure.

Get a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium for $24.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.