‘iPhone 7 prototype’ video is as believable as an alien autopsy


Next year's iPhone?
Photo: GforGames

A somewhat sketchy video showing a supposed iPhone 7 prototype has surfaced online, sparking speculation that Apple will ditch the bezel and physical Home button for next year’s iPhone handset.

The prototype also depicts a centered main camera with no visible LED flash.

Rumors of the lack of Home button and bezel-free display for a next-gen iPhone have been circulating for some time now. A lack of bezel, offering a way to make the iPhone display bigger without having to enlarge the physical real estate of the handset, was rumored for last year’s iPhone 6 — although obviously did not happen.

It has also been the subject of internal Apple investigation, as seen through the multiple patents the company has published in this area.

Apple has likewise sparked rumors that its might ditch the Home button, with a 2015 patent filing describing “finger biometric sensing pixels” for future iPhones, meaning that the physical Touch ID sensor currently embedded into the handset could be incorporated into an iPhone screen.

With all that said, the video that surfaced today has something distinctly… well, fishy about it. It’s apparently shot at Foxconn, where the iPhone 7 will likely be made, but it screams “fake” — right down to the appearance of a security guard at the end.

Whether or not it turns out to be, we’ll have to wait and see. Still a pretty cool design concept, though!

You can check out the video here to make up your own mind.

Via: GforGames