Get a 16GB iPhone 6s for just $1 at Best Buy


The iPhone isn't ditching LCD screens.
Just one dollar, people!
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Big savings on Apple products have meant that Best Buy is increasingly living up to its name, but today’s iPhone deal may be one of the best yet for the cash-starved.

The retailer is selling the 16GB iPhone 6s for $1, while also throwing in a $200 gift card if you trade in a working iPhone 5 as part of the deal.

The catch? You have to sign up for a two year deal with Verizon or Sprint, although even with this proviso you’re still saving the best part of two hundred bucks on the usual price for the deal.

Sadly, 64GB and 128GB iPhone models aren’t included as part of the offer, which means you’ll have to settle for an iPhone with very limited storage space. That’s not necessarily a problem if you don’t download too many apps, and take advantage of cloud storage, but it’s not great for iPhone 6s features like Live Photos which take up around 2x the space of a regular still photo.

Still, if you absolutely must have the latest iPhone…

Source: Best Buy