You can now listen to The Force Awakens soundtrack on Apple Music


star-wars soundtrack
A long time ago, on a streaming music service not so far away.
Photo: Star Wars

If you’re already bored of playing Christmas songs on repeat, there’s some good news — since Star Wars fans can now enjoy John William’s The Force Awakens soundtrack on iTunes and Apple Music.

With popular highlights including, of course, the iconic fanfare, and a sweeping, 9-minute “The Jedi Steps and Finale,” the 23-track soundtrack album runs to around 70 minutes.

This isn’t the first Apple Star Wars tie-in we’ve seen this year. In 2015, the movies were made available on iTunes for the first time, while recently Apple also launched a promotional Star Wars Apple Music Radio station.

If you’re a fan of soundtracks (and — let’s be honest — even at age 83, a John Williams soundtrack is still the pinnacle of Hollywood composition), this is a definite “must listen.”

I’ve not yet had time to appreciate the entire album, but already it’s considerably more memorably than the music to the prequel trilogy, which remained undistinguished with relatively few exceptions. (Yes, with the exception of the fantastic “Duel of the Fates” from Episode I.)

Source: iTunes