Trump’s dream: Bring Apple manufacturing back to U.S.


Trump would love to see Apple move operations back to the U.S.
Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr CC

Donald Trump has said that his “real dream” is for Apple, along with other U.S. companies, to bring their manufacturing back to the United States.

Trump made the comments during an interview to promote his new book, Crippled America. “We think of Apple as an American company,” Trump said. “But they make their product in China. And they have offices here, but China makes more money with Apple than we do, if you think about it.”

He went on to offer the view that, “we have to bring Apple — and other companies like Apple — back to the United States. We have to do it. And that’s one of my real dreams for the country, to get … them back. We have a great capacity in this country.”

Although the bulk of Apple’s devices — most notably the iPhone — are produced in China, Apple has moved limited production back to the United States.

“We’ve been working for years on doing more and more in the United States,” Tim Cook noted in late 2012. In particular, some of Apple’s iMacs are already assembled on its home turf, rather than in China. The Mac Pro is also built in the U.S., while the failed sapphire glass plant with GT Advanced Technologies would have made the U.S. a key part of building new iPhones.

Unfortunately, the combination of available workers and production costs means Trump’s dream is unlikely to come true any time soon. But it’s still a question that’s well worth asking.

Source: Business Insider

  • Jerome  Soucy

    If trump didn’t exist.. we’d have to invent him… Best comic relief to ever grace the news.

    Trump seems to forget the reasons behind why every major electronic company builds in China… Because American workers pay and benefits would make the goods we (he) use about 10 times more expensive and therefore would not exist (or sell if they did).

    It’s bad for China for sure…

    • dcj001

      Donald Trump is a clown.

      But Donald Trump is not at all funny.

      • iRikal

        Yeah…. I have to agree.

  • PTVMan

    Perhaps this jackass should start by bringing the manufacturing of his tacky closing line back to the U.S. What a douche.

  • I wonder how many Swiss Bank Accounts Trump have.

    • jim

      HA, thats a good question Theo,, but,, in the interest of being honest,, he only needs ONE !

  • T_Will

    Seriously, what’s wrong with having a goal to bring some manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.? You guys are just a bunch of haters. :-P

    • Haters of what ?

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Someone wanting for Apple and other US companies to bring mfg back to the US. I think he’s more pandering to the typical citizen that doesn’t like so much mfg jobs going offshore. The pay scale of employees in Asia have been going up, and for some industries, there really isn’t much of a cost advantage when you consider shipping containers from Asia to the US to sell.

      • Downtoearth

        Not much cost advantage? Do your homework, yearly salary in US ( Nc) for manual operations $32-38K/year. In Asia (Malaysia) 3-5K/year, in Mexico 6-8K/year (Fully fringed and full time positions).

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      I thought Apple was bringing back US mfg that started with the MacPro and other Macs were going to be also mfg in the US. I’m sure the MacMini, iMac could be mfg in the US, they aren’t that time consuming to assemble and the don’t make them by the 10’s and 10’s of millions requiring hundreds of thousands of employees. I’m sure Laptops would be after the MacMini and iMacs, but eventually they could bring that portion of the business back to the US.

  • Dan kamp

    Currently that would be pretty much impossible and even Steve Jobs said the same thing. Apple’s current factories employ over 250000 workers in one facility. Were in america can you do that? Most cities and towns in the US are under that number for their entire population. Only in large cities could you even consider it and again it would be doubtful if you could. And this statement would not even include the number of engineers that you would need and that number would be pretty much impossible to achieve. But as usual Trump is an idiot.

    • Tyler Lundberg

      Or ya know we could figure it out? a candidate who wants to bring more jobs back to this country is a good thing and trump (love him or hate him) might be able to do just that. Quit being a idiot.

      • You can not sell global, if you only produce local, otherwise you go back to the situation where every country slaps customs charges on imported products.

      • Tyler Lundberg

        i see what your saying. i agree with it to a point. I don’t think it’s realistic for ALL apple manufacturing to be moved here. it’s not however a bad thing to want more jobs brought back into this country. Apple has been making a good effort towards that. i simply think trump can accomplish this better then other candidates. Not saying i like trump, just that he’s got the right mind about this.

      • Downtoearth

        Unrealistic, it’s all about the money. Cheap labor and lower taxes = better margins, there’s a reason companies (like ) establish corporate identities outside of US (technically  is an Irish company) so they can pay lower corporate taxes over profits (~2% in this case vs 32% if based in US), as well as manufacturing in low labor cost countries.
        Bottom line, investors want higher earnings, consumer want better prices (and better salaries), it’s simple logic, not going to happen.

  • Like so many before him, he’s just singling out Apple because they’re a so big. It gets him headlines and articles like this one. He has no idea how to bring that work to the U.S. because he’s never manufactured anything.

  • User

    Aren’t iPhones and other Apple products made by Foxconn and other companies? How can Apple bring the manufacturing back when: 1. they were never built in the USA and 2. somebody else builds them for Apple?

    • lucascott

      The only thing that has to be produced in China etc is the boards. And this is due to China banning the exporting of raw rare earth metals. The assembly can be anywhere. If it has the buildings and the labor force. The latter is another thing that China did to create an economy.
      if the US stopped shitting on folks that don’t see the need for college and created the proper vo-tech type programs we could possibly have the work force for this kind of thing.

  • Nathan

    Apple products are already pricy enough. I’d rather manufacturing not go back to the US.

  • If Apple does move more manufacturing to the U.S., they should build their products here in Texas. They already build the Mac Pro here, so why not?

    • lucascott

      except Texas is about to cede from the Union. So that wouldn’t be manufacturing in the US