Yes, sharpening your Apple Pencil is a stupid idea

Yes, sharpening your Apple Pencil is a stupid idea


The Apple Pencil makes drawing on an iPad Pro incredibly precise.
The Apple Pencil is surprisingly tough.
Photo: Apple

Destructive YouTuber TechRax is like the Tyler Durden id to our tech-loving superego — constantly wanting to destroy something beautiful because, you know, who hasn’t briefly wondered what would happen if you stuck your iPhone in a lava lamp or if you used to magnets to crush a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition?

TechRax’s latest stunt? Shoving an Apple Pencil in an electric pencil sharpener. Check it out below.

As with some of the other “stress tests” we’ve seen, what is impressive is just how solid the Apple Pencil turns out to be. Its outer casing may be history, but it doesn’t splinter into a million pieces — or whatever ‘Rax was hoping it would do.

Which is probably just as well, because the repairability of the Apple Pencil if it does break is pretty much nil.