This dongle lets you charge your iPhone from your Android device


How to charge your iPhone from your Android.
How to charge your iPhone from your Android.
Photo: PowerMe

You know how you can plug your Apple Pencil into the Lightining Port of your iPad Pro to charge it?

Wouldn’t it be great it you could charge your iPhone the same way?

That’s the dream on the table (ish) with the PowerMe, a new dongle that can charge any Lightning or microUSB device from any other microUSB smartphone or tablet.

So no, the PowerMe won’t let you charge an iPhone from an iPad. But if you have a Galaxy tablet, or a Nexus 7, or any other gadget that has a microUSB port?

You can use that as your de facto USB battery pack. How awesome is that?

PowerMe is currently trying to raise funds on Indiegogo to make the product a reality. But this doesn’t appear to be a far-off bet: for just $9, you can pre-order a PowerMe with a January delivery right now.

The accessory will be available in white, gray, green, blue red and orange. Order it here.

Source: Indiegogo

Via: iDownloadBlog