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Google Bringing Free Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation to iPhone OS?



One of the few real advantages Android has over iPhone OS is free turn-by-turn navigation: why spend $100 for the likes of TomTom when your smartphone already does the same thing for nothing? If you do a lot of driving, it’s pretty much Android’s killer app… except now it’s coming to the iPhone.

Or is it?According to a Google representative speaking at a London press conference, Google plans to bring free turn-by-turn satnav to the iPhone and other handsets soon, although they wouldn’t say when. But according to a spokesperson speaking to PC World, they have no definite plans.

I can understand Google’s confusion here. As a company, Google’s all about making information freely available, but free turn-by-turn navigation is a big reason why someone might choose an Android handset over the iPhone. They’re torn: on one hand, they want to get their services in as many hands as possible, but on the other hand, they don’t want to eliminate one of the advantages of the Android platform by offering it on a competitor’s device. It’s a pickle alright.