Top 12 Black Friday ads (so far): Amazing TVs, smartphones, iPads and more


iPad Air 3 will be the smartest iPad yet.
iPad Air 3 will be the smartest iPad yet.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Black Friday is inching closer and we’ve got plenty of ads to whet our appetite for savings. We’ve done our initial inspection, and we’re ready to present our first look at the best Black Friday ads. Here you’ll find all our favorite ads in one convenient place, from crazy-cheap TVs to Apple items galore.

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The Best Black Friday Ads

  • Westinghouse 55″ 1080p LED HDTV for $250 at Target
    Target has taken an early lead with this deal, providing us with the doorbuster to beat. We predicted that a 55″ off-brand TV doorbuster would be around $379, and this handily beats it. But not all the credit can go to Target though, since Meijer also offers an Element 55″ TV for the same price.
  • Toshiba 49″ 1080p LED HDTV for $150 at Best Buy
    Off-brand or no, $150 is an awesome price for any 49″ TV. In fact, this set beats out Meijer for the cheapest 49″ HDTV we’ve seen advertised so far, and it’s about to become the best deal in over a year for any TV in this class by $25.
  • Vizio 70″ 1080p Smart LED TV for $898
    This is the mega big-screen TV doorbuster we’ve been waiting for! Prior to this, the cheapest 70″ TV we’ve ever seen went for $1,198, and this Vizio will check in at $300 less than that. It’s also well below our prediction, which makes this the big-screen deal to beat this season.
  • Apple iPad Air 2 16GB Tablet with a $150 Target Gift Card for $499 at Target
    Although $499 is list price for the 16GB iPad Air 2, this hefty gift card drops the net price down to $349. That’s tied with the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this iPad, and that was just once over the summer. If you don’t want to pay so much up front however, you can plan on heading over to eBay, which currently has the second-best ad for the iPad Air 2, offering it for $360.
  • Apple iPad mini 4 16GB Tablet with a $125 Meijer Custom Coupon for $399 at Meijer
    Assuming you live close enough to a Meijer location to take advantage of this $125 store credit, this ad effectively reduces the cost of the 16GB iPad mini 4 to just $274. That’s a whopping $76 below the best price we’ve seen and $26 below even our rosiest prediction. If you don’t live near a Meijer, this $299 Staples ad is your next best hope.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone for Verizon with $500 in Credits for $26.25 per month for 24 months at Staples
    If you switch to Verizon and purchase the phone with a monthly payment plan, you’ll receive a $400 Visa gift card and a $100 bill credit. That’s like getting a $500 rebate. After you consider the $630 you’ll pay over the course of 24 months, it’s like a net cost of $130 for the phone, which is the best offer we’ve seen for this flagship phone on Verizon.

    Of note, if you really hate Verizon enough to pass up a $400 gift card, Walmart offers this phone with a slightly bigger billing credit of $150 and let’s you can choose AT&T or Verizon as your carrier. They also throw in a gift card, but it’s “only” $100.

  • iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus with a $250 Target Gift Card for $0 down at Target
    Anything that can take the sting out of paying $650 or $750, respectively, for these Apple phones is a blessing. Assuming you can find something to spend $250 on at Target makes this the best deal we’ve seen on either of these models.

    Of note, Walmart will have the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus bundled with a $100 bill credit and $100 Walmart gift card, if you’re looking to shave money off the cost of the purchase of the actual phone and not on some mysterious future purchase.

  • Xbox One 500GB Gears of War Bundle with Fallout 4, Extra Controller for $300 at Dell Home
    If you’re looking to maximize your Xbox loot this Black Friday, thenthis is the Gears of War bundle you want to grab. The addition of Fallout 4 (a just-released game that we’re seeing advertised at list price) and an extra controller (worth an additional $39 at least) adds almost $100 in value to this bundle. Sorry, Target.
  • PlayStation 4 Uncharted Collection 500GB Bundle with$75 in Kohl’s Cash for $300 at Kohl’s
    There’s just no beating this Kohl’s Cash offer. While Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Best Buy, Target,Sam’s Club, and GameStop are all offering the PlayStation 4 Uncharted 500GB console bundle for around $300 during Black Friday, only Kohl’s is also offering a $75 credit.
  • Amazon Fire 7″ 8GB Tablet for $35 at Best Buy
    Normally it’s Androids that are shattering our tablet predictions. We expected Fire tablets to start at $45 this Black Friday, and then only for older models. In fact, this current-gen 7″ Fire tab is poised to become the cheapest Amazon tablet we’ve ever seen, beating out even used and refurb units from previous generations!
  • Apple Watch with $100 Target Gift Card for $349 at Target
    In our predictions, we held out no hope for a substantial discount on the Apple Watch. In fact, we’d prognosticated a measly $10 off. The inclusion of a $100 gift card is much better.
  • Dell Inspiron Intel Haswell Core i3 15.6″ Laptop for $300 at Best Buy
    This Inspiron rig is right in line with our $300 prediction for mainstream laptops, except it boasts twice the RAM and double the hard drive space than our example. What’s more, this doorbuster will be $30 under the best price we’ve seen forany 15.6″ Haswell laptop with a 1TB hard drive.

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