Apple now has an extension kit for space black link bracelet


Space black link bracelets kits now available.
Space black link bracelets kits now available.
Photo: Apple

The space black link bracelet for Apple Watch is one of the slickest looking bands for Apple Watch, and now if you’ve got XL thick wrists you can finally buy an extension kit to add extra room.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.01.53 AM

Apple’s space black link bracelet kit comes six additional stainless steel links that can extend the band size from 205mm to 245mm.

You can pick up the kit for $49 which is the same price as the silver steel link kit. Units are expected to ship as soon as Tuesday, November 24. Apple hasn’t said if it will be available in stores. The Space Black Link Bracelet can also be bought solo for $549.