Review: This wool jacket is not sheepish about its greatness

Icebreaker wool jacket is not sheepish about its wintery goodness



Best List: Stratus Long Sleeve Zip jacket by Icebreaker

An ancient breed of mountain sheep grew out their amazing to coats to bring us this amazing jacket.

Made of merino wool, the Icebreaker Stratus jacket is not only water-resistant, breathable and warm when wet, but it is also pretty much stink-free.

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I’ve been a lover of the down-filled puffy from the first time it was popular way back in the ’80s, but the wooly bully merino wool sheep just might kick the goose’s ass in the jacket department.

Cozy without being bulky, comfortable in almost any situation and stylish to boot, this jacket is my new favorite.

Not burdened with any trendy additional pockets or whiz-bang features, the Stratus is just simple, elegant outdoorsy wear. And unlike a sheep, it’s even machine washable.

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