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8 new scenes from the latest Star Wars trailer


Finn getting his reps in before facing Kylo Ren.
Finn getting his reps in before facing Kylo Ren.
Photo: Disney Pictures

JJ Abrams has been doing a bad job at keeping his promise not to release anymore trailers until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters next month.

A new trailer debuted online last night for the highly-anticipated movie and while it doesn’t have as many new scenes as the international trailer that dropped a few weeks ago, there are a couple interesting new bits, like Finn fighting a stormtrooper with some type of electric anti-lightsaber baton.

We’ve created GIFs of all of the new scenes so you can obsess over all the details:

BB-88 gets blown up


The cute little ball droid takes the brunt of the explosion in this scene but based on other shots in the other trailers it looks like he makes it off Jakku just fine.

What is this stormtrooper fighting with?


Nothing’s supposed to be deflect the beam of lightsaber except another lightsaber right? Apparently that’s not the case anymore. Some of the Star Wars comics and video games featured similar weapons like vibroswords and electroblades. Good thing Finn’s getting some lightsaber duels under his belt before facing Kylo Renn.


General Leia Organa


It looks like General Leia is presiding over a meeting at a Resistance base. Han, C3pO and what appears to be Admiral Ackbar are also in the shot. Notice any other familiar faces?

Han shoots first


Chewie and Han are still up to the same old stuff. Blowing up bases and blasting baddies.


Rey kicks ass


We don’t know who Rey is or why he family left her on Jakku, but she seems to be able to handle herself well against whoever this desert thug is.


Tie Fighter on the loose


It looks like this is how Finn (and maybe Poe Dameron) escape the Star Destroyer at the beginning of the film.


What’s with the staff?


Rey’s weapon of choice is a staff, but why? Some have speculated it’s the staff lightsaber of Darth Plagueis, (the Sith Lord that taught Emperor Palpatine everything he knew). Daisy Ridley shot down the rumors though in a recent EW profile, saying “it’s just a staff.”


“You might need this.”


It’s great to have old man Han Solo back ready to drop the one-liners.


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