You can finally use Mozilla’s Firefox web browser on iOS


Firefox has finally made it to iOS.
Finally iPhone users can take advantage of Firefox.
Photo: Mozilla

As promised, Mozilla has finally brought Firefox to iOS devices around the world, after first appearing on Android more than three years ago.

The browser sports a private browsing mode, along with Google Chrome-style predictive searches and, of course, support for existing Firefox users — meaning that it’s easy to import your existing Firefox bookmarks, saved tabs, passwords, and web history over from your other devices.

Given that Firefox was surpassed by Chrome in terms of user figures back in 2011, it’s arguable that this is all a bit late for Mozilla, but it’s still great news for the minority of users (which, I should say, includes myself) who use Firefox.

Mozilla first released Firefox for iOS in New Zealand back in September, with a trial period designed to help troubleshoot the app. Evidently that all went well, and from my initial look at the app it  seems to be the same great Firefox experience I’ve grown used to.

News of the app was first revealed by developer Steve T-S on Twitter. You can download it from the App Store here.