Apple Has Lifetime Limit on iPad Purchases?


Can you have too many iPads? Photo:
Can you have too many iPads? Photo:

The iPad may be too popular for its own good:  Apple seems to be imposing limits on how many you can buy.

When a hospital district wanted to buy 100 of them to equip medical staff, they ran into trouble:

Apple’s ordering system automatically canceled Volosin’s purchase, informing him that he could not order more than three.
“They were limiting people form ordering too many, which I thought was interesting,” he says. “They’re used to dealing with consumers and not bulk orders.”

Now, a medical student who endeavored to buy a bunch of iPads for his pals at the NeoGAF gaming forum, ran straight into “lifetime limit.”

After going in several times to purchase no more than two iPads at a time, he was told that he was not allowed to buy another device.

Here’s the convo breakdown between him and a genius at an unnamed Apple store.

Guy #1 — “I’m sorry sir, but you have reached your lifetime limit of iPad purchases and will not be allowed to buy any more.”
Me (anticipating that statement) — “Is the iPad limit per person? Per credit card? Per household?”
Guy #1 — “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit.”
Me — “What does that mean? Can I use a different credit card to buy it? I’m buying this for a friend.”
Guy #1 — “You are not allowed to buy this iPad.”
Me — “Uhh… is it ok if I have a family member or friend come to buy it for me? My reservation doesn’t expire until 6:00 PM.”
Guy #1 — “All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit.”

Via iClarified