You can now order an iPad Pro


Apple Pencils up: The iPad Pro is now available for sale.

Get ready to empty that rainy-day fund and smash every piggy bank you can find: iPad Pros are now for sale.

After a brief production delay, Apple’s latest hardware is live online (in the United States, anyway), and the company says it will hit stores later this week. Those wanting to get in on the latest and greatest — i.e. biggest — iOS device just need to head over to Apple’s site and start clicking.

Depending on your storage and data needs, the iPad Pro will set you back between $799 and $1,079 for just the tablet. If you want to grab the Apple Pencil stylus and the Smart Keyboard, which effectively turns the thing into a touch-screen laptop and connects through newly designed smart connectors instead of requiring you to sync with Bluetooth, they’re also available for $99 and $169, respectively. While the Pro is showing a ship date of one business day, however, the Pencil and Keyboard still look to be a week or two away from being in users’ eager hands.

If you don’t need the schmancy keyboard, Apple is also offering more simple silicone cases for $79 and Smart Covers for a measly $59.

The AppleCare extended warranty, which adds an extra year of repair coverage and 21 more months of tech support for your new baby, isn’t nearly as expensive as we’d expected it to be. The add-on “only” costs $99. Apple is using the same AppleCare plan for the Plus as it is for every other iPad model, so that’s likely why it’s relatively low against the initial hardware price. The same plan costs $129 for iPhones, $49 for the Apple Watch, and $29 for the new Apple TV. It can run up to $249 for Macbooks and desktop Macs, but those warranties can extend your coverage to up to three years.

It’s kind of ridiculously cheap for the iPad Pro, is what we’re getting at with all of those numbers.

A quick check at the time of this writing showed no slowdown or connection errors on either Apple’s website or official store app, which either means that Apple made sure its servers could handle all of the people rushing to order their new preciouses or that not a whole lot of people hopped online right at 1 a.m. Pacific time to order one.