Think Different With Network Names



You know what it’s like when you’re strolling around looking for networks. They’re all the same. They’re all called “belkin54” or “NETGEAR” or “BTHomeHub”. So generic. So default.

What we really need is networks with imaginative names. Names like “Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem”, as screenshotted here by Flickr user Ingridesign.

I’m now inspired to change my network name from the stupendously dull “16spring” to “The Network That Performs Somersaults”.

Is your network called something interesting? Something better than “Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem”? Do share.

Oh, and another thing: apparently someone announced some new laptops yesterday. You might want to look that up if you’re interested.

(Picture used with permission. Thanks to Ingrid!)


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172 responses to “Think Different With Network Names”

  1. markey says:


  2. mbarriault says:

    My network is called cheshirecat, my iMac is named Alice, my hackintosh server Queen of Hearts, my EeePC laptop madhatter, and my iPhone is called The Looking Glass. I keep a theme.

  3. Thomas says:

    Holonet (5Ghz)
    Scarlet (2,4Ghz)

  4. eimantas says:

    My network is called “unwired”. Took from “Serial Experiments Lain” .)

  5. Mathew says:

    Mine are currently known as “The Hollow” and “The Fade”. Some will recognise immediately what they refer to. Previously, I used my wireless network names to insult my neighbours, whom I had something of a dislike for, since everyone can see everyone else’s network in my little corner of town. The day they moved away I changed it to a rather bluer version of “Good bye and good riddance”. Other names from the dim and distant past have been “Don’t come near me; I’ve got the palsy” and “Moya”. My neighbours are currently using “Simply the best” and “Rabbits”. The mind boggles.

  6. Lionel says:

    Mine’s called “42Net”. I’ll let you to your digging to find out why. (Hints: Apple.)

    In the past, it has been seen with such names as “Don’t even think about it”, “My bandwidth is bigger than yours” and stuff like that.

  7. gear says:

    My network is called: “connect for viruses”

  8. Jealousy says:

    I always hated those “Linksys”, “Router”, “D-Link” network names. So i changed mine to “Picapau Amarelo” (it’s a childrens book, by Brazilian author, which i really liked as a kid, but now i like the Portuguese-ish name) and other one to “Gazapa Blanca Royale” (meaning White royal bunny, in courtesy of my girlfriend :))

    My friend, who lives in an apartment building, named his network “gausais” which in english means “sluggish”, so one is even temped to connect to it :)

  9. Steve says:

    A network in an old neighbourhood of mine was:

    “The House Of Trouser”

    I think students lived there.

  10. Matt Gibson says:

    My favourite find so far was called “Get off my LAN”!

  11. Jason says:

    I have 2 networks setup one being an Wireless N that is locked down and the other is my open network. I call my open G network $4.99 a Minute Wifi and my N network $5.99 a Minute Wifi. I figure that people who don’t know much about wifi won’t leach off of it, but if I have people in my house I can tell them to use it. I doubt it really works but its still funy

  12. Nick says:

    For the last 7 years or so I have always named my wireless connection the “Degobah System”.

  13. cyxodus says:

    My network is named “The Arcade”, my computer is named “Donkey Kong” and one of my external drives is named “Robotron”. I love video games and use to manage an arcade.

  14. mine is called says:

    mine is called ohmsweetohm

  15. Nick says:

    I was listening to Queen while I set me network up so it is aptly named Mercury.

  16. Eric says:


  17. tim says:

    Ours is simply called “Get off the grass”

  18. B-Art says:

    Mine is “waking up the neighbours”

  19. G101 says:

    “The Orchard”, geddit? Orchard…Apples…Orchard…
    When I first got my Airport Exreme i named it “GrannySmithRocks”, sounded kinda Appley. I call my wireless mouse, Jerry and the keyboards called Liberace.

  20. Wylie says:

    Hubba Bubba was the name of mine

  21. Jeff says:

    Anyone bringing a laptop to my house gets to join the “Penguin Party.”

    I don’t know what it means, but I thought it sounded fun and inviting. (Still have a password on it, though!)

  22. William says:

    My current name for my network is “Area 51.” I really like the ring it has

  23. PKSullivan says:

    Someone in my building is using, ‘drzoidburg’ whereas I have opted for the particularly geeky ‘TARDIS.’ I felt obligated, being a Whovian, that when using a Time Capsule the network name ought to be an homage to The Doctor.

  24. Mack says:

    My network is Neverland Ranch.
    My friends’s is Bon Jovi’s Family Network

  25. Steve says:

    Mine is “The Flying Mule”.

  26. 110rdr33f4 says:

    My AirPort Extreme is named ‘Alpha Moonbase’. I have an AirPort Express linked to it named ‘Mos Eisley’. I see someone else’s network named ‘kamioftheshadetree2’ just now, hadn’t seen that before…

    I have an external hd named ‘The Tardis’. w00t!

  27. carlspackler says:

    VIRUS_WARNING has always worked pretty well at keeping the leeches off..

  28. BOB says:

    WU-TANG-LAN – love the hiphop

  29. blakecr says:

    I hide the SID and call my network: nowyouseeme

  30. Marc says:

    Im a transformers geek so mine is called ‘teletraan-I’. i am too sad…

  31. Carl says:

    I name mine “Virus Server” so that anyone that stumbles upon it will think twice before trying to connect.

  32. ian says:

    I use to see a network called Asian Twinkie Porn in my previous neighborhood. Mine is currently called I’ve Got Lazer Eyes.

  33. minuek says:

    I call mine virus_pxw01 i convince myself it will keep windows users away from my network

  34. brian says:

    My neighbors network name is “gonorrhea”. Cracks me up every time.

  35. Pete Mortensen says:

    Mine is called “Proud Puco Land,” which, I’m rhymes with “Cloud Cuckoo Land.” This all made sense once.

  36. Ryan says:

    My network is called Chimichangas, but I changed my friends network at home to be FunkyButtLove. :)

  37. Chris Winn says:

    “Dead Man’s Drop” is my network. When I was a kid, we had a steep hill in my neighborhood, and another kid remarked that anyone who fell down it would be dead, so it became known as Dead Man’s Drop.

  38. mini vanilli says:

    mine is “standing69”

  39. Chris says:

    Just to be cute I call mine “closed”, but the daughter of a friend called theirs “bitchhouse”

  40. MINI Vanilli says:

    seriously mine is “standing69”

  41. spinnerlys says:

    Mine is called “Stadtkarnickel”, german for “city rabbit”.

    It’s also an homage to an old children LP called “Mimmelitt das Stadtkarnickel”.

  42. MINI Vanilli says:

    you are going to ban me from posting comments because i answered your question. my wireless network is called “standing69”. if you cant publish the answer….don’t ask the question.

  43. Andrew DK says:


  44. MINI Vanilli says:

    please disregard last comment …IF…. last entry gets posted of course. ;)

  45. GoldnDoodle says:

    Router 1 – iThink therefore iMac
    Router 2 – iMac therefore iAm

  46. Thomas says:

    Communications Unlimited..
    is mine.

  47. Jack says:

    Mine says, “Free Porn Download Here”.

  48. Kevin Spencer says:

    Mine is called,

    “NOT this Network”

  49. Brian says:

    Mine’s named Richard.

  50. Gergith says:

    I ALWAYS set up my and my friends servers to the same simple message:

    F$#KOFF – Not Authorized to Steal

    And I NEVER leave networks open. ALWAYS make it require a MAC address first

  51. Evan says:

    Soon after my network was given the name “Naked Lesbians,” a neighbor somewhere in my apt building chose the name “Hot sex.”

  52. Aussiem8 says:

    I set my parents’ home wifi network up which is located next to a marina. I called it: “IP on your boat”.

  53. james says:

    mine is called muthaf***ingfalcoandshi*.

  54. Ryan says:


    As in, don’t cross it.

  55. James says:

    Seinfeld Extreme

  56. Ray says:

    mine’s is Skynet

  57. Don Pope says:

    I have two wireless networs: Guybrush & Threepwood
    (From the Monkey Island games)

  58. &e says:


  59. Horses says:

    My neighbours’ one is called “Easy Gay Boys”

  60. Mike says:

    There’s a network in my building called “Get Off My Network” which I think is pretty neat.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the providers in England lock down the router so you cannot change the network :(

  61. Glen says:

    I lived in a house with three other guys. Our network was named after our home, the “Kilbasa Lounge”. I’ll leave that as it is.

  62. javanni says:

    “La_Casa_Del_Vinello” which can be loosely translated from italian as “The house of the good cheap wine”.

  63. imajoebob says:

    Back in my (dark) days as a network manager, i named my servers with, well, names. Everyone’s favorite was Elvis. It made management a lot easier. When there was a problem it wasn’t with “HP1” or “Apps3″ or NetServer.” Anthropomorphizing, “We’re having a problem with Bob’s firewall NIC” or “Chuck’s RAID is reporting problems” was a real help pinpointing and resolving problems. Mildly entertaining too.

    And my home network is named… belkin54g. The damn thing wouldn’t run any management from my mac.

  64. different computers says:

    My home network is called No Network Available. This inspired a friend to name his Input Error.

  65. Herr Fritzl says:

    Josef Frtizl’s secret dungeon.

  66. GDom says:

    Mine is “Butt Chateau”…

  67. Snaggy says:

    our comic relating to this topic… :-)

  68. intrrnet says:

    My home network is “no hackers here”, and my daughter’s is “here either”. Everything is locked with a WEP password, which is sufficient on this street.
    A long time ago, before even Ethernet, I had a friend who named his AppleTalk printer “Screaming butt monkeys from hell”. Those who remember the dialogue boxes in Mac OS 6 & 7 can remember that the computer would lock during printing and the dialogue would read “Waiting for . . .”
    So his computer could be seen displaying “Waiting for Screaming butt monkeys from hell” much of the time.
    Too bad you need to search for a network’s name, now.

  69. Xirtam says:

    I named my router the Informational Hub, and my friend named his network Smoke Signals… My computer is named Lewanda, and my HTC Mogul is the Evil Companion ;) My external back up hard drive is named GlaDOS…

  70. Sean says:

    My main one is called “Atlantis” after one of my favourite TV shows and my Airport Express is called “Kitchen” because thats where it is :-)

  71. Bob says:


  72. Tarraguña says:

    our network is called BOO BEES

  73. Jamie says:

    My network has been called “Those Damn Dogs”, password: antifreeze.

    A little joke we played with our neighbors who have some bastard dogs.

  74. willie says:

    My network is now “Get off my LAN”. Thanks for that, Matt Gibson!

  75. Iain says:

    Iam a Pink Floyd fan and mines called Darkside Of The Moon !

  76. arex says:

    late to the party, but…


    good times…

  77. dvsjr says:

    SSID = “free porn” (with WSPK2 of course)

  78. Comet says:

    White Plastic.

    What all proper Apple products were made of before they went all green and recycle-y.

  79. David says:

    I just changed the name of my network to “Secret Underground Lair.”

  80. ChamFan says:

    My network is “Dick Place”.

    Just happens to be the name of my street : )

  81. forceusr says:

    Our network is called, “robspartylounge.”

  82. Peer says:

    mine is called airport

  83. eliza says:

    My wireless network is Hotpants, but my neighbors have many expletives in them… Quite funny till your parents try to use your wireless.

  84. James P says:

    Love Gravy

  85. Kate says:


  86. vorobej says: