Apple quietly added 10-bit color support for new 5K iMac

El Capitan quietly added 10-bit color support for new 5K iMac


iMac Retina 5K
The 5K iMac has gotten even better.
Photo: Apple

In addition to the plethora of new features Apple added for OS X El Capitan, it also quietly integrated 10 bit color support for the 4K & 5K iMac.

While this may not mean much for your average user, it’s absolutely massive news for photographers, video editors, or anyone else who relies on high-end color correction.

The proof.
The proof.
Photo: Mac & I

Compared to 8 bit color, 10 bit means more detail, particularly on soft gradients which are otherwise difficult to edit with clarity and accuracy.

Unfortunately, the feature will only be visible if you’ve got a 5K or 4K iMac from this year or 2014. As of yet, it’s not confirmed whether it also works with a third-party external display.

Right now, 10 bit color can be seen solely within the OS X Preview and Photos apps. Users wanting to play “spot the difference” can try taking a 12-bit RAW photo with soft color graduations and comparing it to its 8 bit counterpart. As of yet, no other apps — including photo-editing tools like those created by Adobe — take advantage of 10 bit color.

Although we’re positive that things will change once news gets out!

Source: Mac & I

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