You can now download iOS 9 jailbreak for OS X

You can now download iOS 9 jailbreak for OS X


Pangu's iOS 9 jailbreak is no longer available only for Windows users.
Photo: Pangu

One day after the Library of Congress amended the law to make jailbreaking completely legal in the United States, Chinese jailbreak team Pangu has released a Mac OS X version of its iOS 9 jailbreak.

The free jailbreak installer was previously available only for Windows users. It’s compatible with iOS 9.0, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2, although it won’t work with iOS 9.1, since Apple has patched the vulnerabilities exploited for the jailbreak in this version.

If you are using iOS 9.1, it is possible do downgrade back to iOS 9.0.2 until Apple stops signing the firmware. After this it won’t be possible.

Although we can confirm that this iOS 9 jailbreak works, even Pangu advises that users first backup their data using iTunes. Pangu also suggests switching devices to Airplane Mode and disabling “Find my iPhone” and password functions in System Settings to improve the jailbreak’s “success rate.”

Source: Pangu

Via: Redmond Pie